Ok, first off, I’ve been a Gwen Stefani fan from the beginning. I remember being a weird, flat-chested blonde girl and felt totally validated when Gwen burst onto the scene with No Doubt. I thought she was just the coolest. I even wore a bindi to school once in her honor, except that people thought it was a zit.  Oh well. I tried.


Her new single “Let Me Reintroduce Myself” has a very No Doubt-ish sound, which I am loving.  Now only if she’d get back with them…

But really, I just love the music video. I can’t wrap my head around that she’s 51 and looks like that! (Whatever she and JLo are doing, I need some. Damn)  It takes a lot of guts to do what she did, and I know some people are like, “She should just hang it up”. NO! If you can do it, DO IT! And she is.  Age be damned.

Also, I love that she’s engaged to a true Country boy (man?) Blake Shelton. Opposites attract- my marriage is proof of that- and I fully support the randomness of that relationship.

Go Gwen!

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