When Dua Lipa first came on the scene, I was like “Meh. Ok.” But man, this past year she has been on FIRE!  She has been steadily putting out disco infused pop that’s both fun and radio friendly (Sorry Cardi B. I just can’t) and I am so here for it.

Her latest “We’re Good” is a bit slower than what she’s been putting out, and it proves that she’s just not a dance diva.  I especially love that it’s a break up song that’s not rude or salty or hateful to the other party.  She’s just like, hey, we didn’t work out. Bye, Have a great life. No muss, no fuss.  No social media drama or insult flinging, just a mature way of saying, “Hey, you’re not the right one. Doesn’t mean you suck.” I wish we could deal with so many life issues this way.


Dua Lipa is quickly becoming one of my favorite modern pop artists.  Definitely need more of her!


Also, the video is pretty cool. I’m never eating lobster again.

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