As I’ve mentioned about a million times, I love ALL kinds of music… Rock, Country, Pop, Hip Hop, Classic Hits, Blues… the list goes on and on.  I always find it really annoying when someone says “Ewwwww….Country?” or “Ewwwww… Top 40? New music sucks”, and what’s usually the case is that they may have heard one or three songs from that genre and based their opinions on that.  Actually, that’s kind of a metaphor for everything in life, am I right?

Anyhow, this week I’m going pop and giving props to Olivia Rodrigo- she just had smash with “Drivers License” but I have to say I’m loving her new single “Deja Vu” even more. It’s catchy. it’s fun, it captures an all-too-common emotion of a scorned woman, and mentions Billy Joel.  I’m all in.

Another thing I’m digging… she’s 18, and keeping it classy (for now).  It’s refreshing to see that.

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