So, a few months ago when I was still pregnant, my horse “Angel” (short for BR Angelina Gold) was really into resting her muzzle on my belly while being groomed.  So, of course, I had to film it one day, and it ended up going viral.  A few people asked for a follow up once the baby was born, so this past weekend I decided to oblige.  She is in love!

Now, for those who will inevitably ask, the baby was safely contained, as was she. Had I let her loose, she probably would have nuzzled him a lot more! But for safety’s sake, I did hold her back a bit.  I have to explain this, as there is always someone who is quick to complain.  Isn’t the internet grand? As a matter of fact, TikTok took the video down because it promoted “child endangerment”, yet teenage girls can twerk half naked, and that’s totally cool.  Go figure THAT one out.


Anyhow, it’s been really fun to see Angel’s reaction to the baby in utero, and after he was born. In the second video, he was crying, and instead of spooking like some horses would, Angel was trying to comfort him.  By the time I had both her and him secured and my phone out, he had calmed down.  I really can’t wait until Brandon is old enough to start riding!  I think he and Angel will make a great Lead Line and Walk-Trot team!

Now if only our dog Cash would be as into him as Angel is!


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