I’ll be completey honest- not a big fan of most of Luke Bryan’s music.

Luke Bryan himself? Nicest guy ever. Seriously an awesome guy.  But his “Long tan legs, get in the back of my truck, drink from my cup” brand of Country never really gelled with me.  (I mean, what about all the women with short, pale legs? Where’s the love for them?)

Well, he just dropped a song that- due to the title- I had to check out.

My husband is an avid hunter, and he’s said many times that he finds God when hunting.  Hunting isn’t something that I don’t partake in personally, but I do understand and support hunting, and can make a mean venison stew.

It’s funny, when I told my husband this morning about this song, he said “Bet he’s got a girl with long tan legs in cutoff jeans up in that deer stand”, but then I played it for him, and he had to admit that it’s a good song, and that he definitely relates to it.

That’s what Country music is, after all.  Or what it should be, at least.


I hope Luke keeps putting out more songs like this!


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