Ok, I’m realllly looking forward to the “Barbie” movie (anyone who knows me would be zero percent shocked by this admission) and the soundtrack is shaping up pretty splendidly as well.

Billie Eilish, who I would think would be the least likely to be involved in the project in any way, has released her contribution to the soundtrack with the emotional “What Was I Made For?”:

Pretty good, right?

Teenage me would have been ALL over this and the emo vibes.

Billie wrote the song and claims it helped her out of a writing slump.  Although she’s not my usual vibe, I have a lot of respect for her and her artistry/talent. I love that she sounds like noone else, and does her own thing and OWNS it.

The “Barbie” soundtrack drops the same day as the movie on this upcoming Friday, July 21st.

You know I’m here for it!


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