One of my first musical memories is “We Are the World”.

My babysitter gave me the VHS of the taping for my third birthday, and I was obsessed. I watched it over and over again, and fell in love with the artists, particulary Cyndi Lauper and Kenny Rogers. I would demand to watch it nightly, and soon knew all of the words by heart,

This video and performance still holds a special place in my heart, not just for all the the amazing artists who were a part of it, but also because of the cause it supported.

All these years later, a documentary is cming to Netflix later this month, and after viewing the trailer, it’s definitely worth a watch!

If you haven’t seen the iconic performance, well, let me educate you on one of history’s greatest musical moments!

Seriously, how great is that???

Watching this tonight for probably the eight millionth time made my little heart happy.

I can’t wait for the Netflix special.

“The Greatest Night in Pop” debuts on Netflix on January 29th.

Guess what I’ll be doing that night?

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