You may remember that Elle King made headlines a few weeks ago with her drunk performance on New Year’s Eve on Nashville’s Big Bash. It was on live TV, and personally, I didn’t see the problem. It was NYE, Elle is known for being a party girl, and she still had a solid (if no a bit slurred) performance.

No harm, no foul, right? I’ve seen waaaaay worse.

Welllll… Elle King is raising eyebrows again for another drunken performance. This time, this past Friday night at the Ryman for the Dolly Parton Tribute in honor of the legend’s 78th birthday. She was obviously lit UP (hey, she admitted it) and her introduction had a lot of people ticked off, and some say it was disrespectful to Dolly.

Here it is on TikTok:

@jamiek721 Elle King disrespected the Ryman & Dolly Parton ????????‍♀️ #elleking #grandoleopry #nashville #countrymusic #dollyparton #tributeshow #countrymusictiktoks #cancelled #dollyfam #dolly #drunk ♬ Oh No No No Laugh – Sound Effect


Yeah, that was a bit much.

This performance was pretty bad, as well:

@traveler_bex #Elleking ruins #dollyparton birthday bash in #nashville ♬ original sound – Bex

Her performance of “Jolene” that found I found wasn’t awful, though…

Look, I have nothing against drinking. I love my wine, but I have also learned in my older years about a thing called moderation. Now in my early twenties, when I was young, dumb, and had no real big responsibilities, sure, I overdid it, and even had my share of drunken nights on stage with cover bands. But nothing near the level that Elle is performing at. She is one heck of a talent, and I really do like her, and enjoy her music.

I hope she slows her roll a bit…

If nothing else, because taking care of a toddler with a hangover can’t be fun. Her son is about the same age as mine, and I can’t even imagine!

Then again, isn’t a double standard? Some of Country’s greats were complete hot messes- Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Willie, Waylon, the list goes on and on… and they were WAYYYY worse than the shennanigans Elle has been up to these past few weeks.

Except they’re men, and they can get away with it.

What do you think?

Does Elle need to slow it down a bit?

Or should she be able to have her fun as long as she’s not hurting anyone?

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