“American Idol” Season 22 is back in full swing!

One of the big stories from last night’s auditions is Loretta Lynn’s granddaughter Emmy Russell took to the stage to perform an original song that she wrote about eating disorders.

Of course, she was fantastic, because she’s got Loretta Lynn’s legendary blood running through her veins.

Ok, I know “American Idol” is totally staged, like all “reality” shows.  Believe me, I know these things. But still, I always enjoy watching great talent and stories, and I just find Emmy very likeable. It’s refreshing to see someone seemingly authentic, unlike so many out there. Plus, Emmy was a Christian missionary travelling the world before returning to music, whcih I have mad respect for.

Of course, she made it to the next round. I might actually have to tune in now and see how she does!

Find out more about Emmy on her instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emmyroserussell/

“American Idol” Season 5,876 or whatever they’re on now is Sunday and Monday nights on ABC.

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