Ok, I’ll be honest here… I’m not that much into The Oscars.

BUTTTT… when I heard that Ryan Gosling was going to perform his hit song from the “Barbie” movie “I’m Just Ken”, well, that got my attention.

Another unpopular opinion of mine: I didn’t think the “Barbie” movie was that great. I know, I know, retract my woman card right now. I wanted to love it, because, hello BARBIE!!!  But I personally was left feeling “meh”. Although, let’s be real, Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling nailed their roles, the entire storyline- for me- was just OK.

That being said, I did love the “I’m Just Ken” song, and Ryan Gosling’s portrayal of Ken was perfect.  And so was the performace of the song last night at “The Oscars”!

Especially as Ryan Gosling was joined by Slash and Wolfgang Van Halen.

Pretty freaking cool.

This made me love Ryan Gosling even more. And I feel like I should buy my hsuabnd a bedazzled hot pink suit now. I’m sure he will heartily disagree.

And this somg will be back in my head all day, as well as yours, so you’re welcome.

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