Morgan Wallen gave fans something to celebrate this Fourth of July weekend.

He just released a fan favorite called “Lies Lies Lies”, and if you haven’t heard it, it’s kind of a banger, like most of Morgan Wallen’s catalogue.

SUCH a good song, and I totally get why is super fans wanted him to release it.

It was originally a part of Morgan’s “Abbey Road Sessions” in London, and his fans have been begging for an actual studio recorded release, and he delivered.

The song is written by Jessie Jo Dillon, Josh Miller, Daniel Ross and Chris Tompkins, and if it goes to radio, I’m betting it’ll be another #1 for Morgan.

There is NO stopping this guy.

Unless, you know, he has another few scandals… but so did most of the greats in Country music.

Morgan Wallen is currently slaying it on his “One Night at a Time” staium tour, and you can get those dates at

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