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Kelly Clarkson Covers Aerosmith

Damn, Kelly Clarkson went and did it again.

I’m a HUGE Aerosmith fan, and I get a bit twitchy when someone attempts to properly cover anything sung by Steven Tyler. But Kelly Clarkson and that sick voice of hers just ripped out a version of Aersosmith’s 80’s Power Ballad “Angel”, and it’s something else:

Ummmmm… can she cut that as a single please?

What’s so impressive is that she’s singing all these covers on her show completely live.

No autotune, no gimmicks, just pure, raw talent from the OG American Idol winner.

Kudos Kelly!

Check out the “Kelly Clarkson Show” weekdays on NBC.


Taylor Swift Releases Acoustic Version of “Fortnight”

Taylor Swift is unstoppable.

Her latest album “The Tourtured Poets Department” is spending it’s 11th week at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart, with millions of copies of sold so far. Some people are complaining that she keeps releasing different versions of her album to keep the top spot, but so what? People are buying it. That just makes Taylor one hell of a business woman, which we already knew that.

Taylor also just released an acoustic version of her latest single “Fortnight” featuring Post Malone, and it’s just as hauntingly pretty as the original:

Damn, that song is such a mood.

Woman is unstoppable, and sorry haters, you’re gonna see a hell of a lot of her at the Chiefs games this Fall, as she and the NFL have made the schedules so that she could attend as many Chiefs games as possible to cheer on her boyfriend Travis Kelce.

Never underestimate the power of Taylor Swift!


Carly Pearce “Truck on Fire”

Carly Pearce has sent her new single to Country radio, and it’s a good, old-fashioned revenge song.

Her new single off her latest album “hummingbird” which came out last month is called “Truck on Fire”, and it’s a departure from what she’s had on Country radio lately. Instead of sad, emotonal songs like her collab with Chris Stapleton “We Don’t Talk Anymore” and her Grammy winning duet with Ashley McBryde “Never Wanted to be That Girl”, Carly ready to get into arson with “Truck on Fire” which is about, well, setting a cheater’s truck on fire. Because, why not?

It’s like the sequel to Carrie Underwood’s 2005 hit “Before He Cheats”. Like, forgetting keying the truck and hitting it with a baseball bat, just light the whole thing up.

That’ll show him.

Although, he probably has insurance…

Personally, I would go after something irreplaceable and sentimental, like his hunting trophies, but that’s just me.

If my husband pulls any dirty tricks, I’m going for the deer heads and turkey beards.


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Come on, Nashville, put me on the songwriting roster!

In the meantime, you get truck on fire songs from Carly Pearce, which will do.

Check out Carly’s latest album “hummingbird” out now, and she’s on the road with Tim McGraw- get dates at http://CarlyPearce.com

Zach Bryan and John Mayer “Better Days”

In case you missed it this past 4th of July, Zach Bryan- one of the hottest Country artists on the scene right now- dropped a new album “The Great American Bar Scene”, and there are some predictably great songs on there.

One that is getting a lot of attention is the collab with John Mayer called “Better Days”, and the behind-the-scenes video just came out a few minutes ago.

Talk about combining some great songwriting!

Pretty damn good, right?

Here’s the full lyrics:

Don’t get angry, listen to the sounds
Them good times will find their way back around
And I’ve got the answers, go on and touch my skin
Them better days always come back again

[Verse 2: Zach Bryan & John Mayer, Zach Bryan]
This life’s a boat, boy, it all comes in waves
On the radio, her laughter and sweet mistakes
And I wasn’t loved well as a younger child
So I’ll pray these better, unstable days, they stay awhile

[Chorus: Zach Bryan & John Mayer, Zach Bryan]
So don’t get hateful, Lord, hot damn
There’s a fire burnin’ in the back forty
I’m still findin’ out who the hell I am
And I’m so tired of wastin’ it away
Gonna find the time to realize
I’m in deep on better days

[Verse 3: Zach Bryan & John Mayer]
She always told me there’d be times like this
With a blue guitar, a city bar and a streetlight kiss
But I’ve never known quite what I deserve
You try so hard and wind up gettin’ burned


Solid stuff right there…

Zach Bryan makes emo Country that I want to drink beer and reminisce to.

“The Great American Bar Scene” is out now, and Zach is tearing up the road right now on his “Quittin’ Time” tour, and you can get those dates at https://www.zachbryan.com/tour

Morgan Wallen “Lies Lies Lies”

Morgan Wallen gave fans something to celebrate this Fourth of July weekend.

He just released a fan favorite called “Lies Lies Lies”, and if you haven’t heard it, it’s kind of a banger, like most of Morgan Wallen’s catalogue.

SUCH a good song, and I totally get why is super fans wanted him to release it.

It was originally a part of Morgan’s “Abbey Road Sessions” in London, and his fans have been begging for an actual studio recorded release, and he delivered.

The song is written by Jessie Jo Dillon, Josh Miller, Daniel Ross and Chris Tompkins, and if it goes to radio, I’m betting it’ll be another #1 for Morgan.

There is NO stopping this guy.

Unless, you know, he has another few scandals… but so did most of the greats in Country music.

Morgan Wallen is currently slaying it on his “One Night at a Time” staium tour, and you can get those dates at http://MorganWallen.com

Thomas Rhett “Feelin’ Country”

This a is a freaking JAM!

Thomas Rhett just dropped his contribution to the upcoming “Twisters” move soundtrack, and it’s a total throwback to the 90’s Country Glory Days.

It’s called “Feelin’ Country”, and it’s definitely my favorite song that Thomas Rhett has released in the past couple of years:

Totally getting Travis Tritt “TROUBLE” vibes off this. Plus, with Thomas Rhett’s daddy being 90’s Country star Rhett Akins, well, the 90’s sound comes honestly.

The “Twisters: the Album” comes out the same day as the “Twisters” movie on July 19th, and the talent on this album is next level. Here’s the full track listing:

Luke Combs – “Ain’t No Love in Oklahoma”
Miranda Lambert – “Ain’t in Kansas Anymore”
Conner Smith – “Steal My Thunder” (feat. Tucker Wetmore)
Thomas Rhett – “Feelin’ Country”
Warren Zeiders – “The Cards I’ve Been Dealt”
Megan Moroney – “Never Left Me”
Lainey Wilson – “Out of Oklahoma”
Bailey Zimmerman – “Hell or High Water”
Jelly Roll – “Dead End Road”
Kane Brown – “Country Classic”
Sam Barber – “Tear Us Apart”
Tyler Childers – “Song While You’re Away”
Tucker Wetmore – “Already Had It”
Leon Bridges – “Chrome Cowgirl”
Benson Boone – “Death Wish Love”
Shania Twain & BRELAND – “Boots Don’t”
Dylan Gossett – “Stronger Than a Storm”
Lanie Gardner – “Chasing the Wind”
Jelly Roll – “Leave the Light On” (feat. Alexandra Kay)
Wyatt Flores & Jake Kohn – “Before I Do”
The Red Clay Strays – “Caddo County”
Tanner Usrey – “Blackberry Wine”
Tanner Adell – “Too Easy”
Mason Ramsey – “Shake Shake (All Night Long)”
Tyler Halverson – “New Loop”
Flatland Cavalry – “Touchdown”
Nolan Taylor – “Driving You Home”
Wilderado, Ken Pomeroy & James McAlister – “Wall of Death”
Charley Crockett – “(Ghost) Riders in the Sky”


Hot Freaking Damn!

Also, Thomas Rhett has a new album coming out on August 23rd called “About a Woma”, so we have that to look forward to as well.

God Bless America and Country Music!


Lainey Wilson “Hang Tight Honey” Music Video

I didn’t think it was possible, but I love Lainey Wilson even more after this video!

Lainey released the music video for her latest hit “Hang Tight Honey” today, and it’s pretty dang cool.

I love the 60’s vibe that it starts out with, and her band being heaviy featured as well.

Check it out below:

Seriously, how fun is that?

Hang tight honey, Lainey isn’t going anywhere. I kind of feel like she’s just getting started.


Check out her new album “Whirlwind” which drops August 23rd, and she is all over the place this year on the road- hence the inspiration for the song- and you can get her dates at http://LaineyWilson.com

Lainey Wilson Joins The Rolling Stones Onstage in Chicago

Well, this made my Country and Rock loving heart happy.

Lainey Wilson opened up for The Rolling Stones in Chicago last night, and even got to join the band later on for a performance of “Dead Flowers”:


Lainey just can’t miss, and can we give a shout out to The Rolling Stones for still kicking ass 60 years into their career?

The only thing that would have made it better would have been a performance of “Wild Horses”, one of my favorites from The Stones.

Oh, and my cousin Amanda was there last night… so, yeah, I’m major league jealous.

But, I’ll take what I can get!

Also, Lainey’s new album “Whirlwind” comes out August 23rd, and “Hang Tight Honey”, because her ride is just getting started.

The “Baby” Song

One of my favorite online creators is “There I Ruined It” on YouTube.

It’s mainly mashups, and proper use of AI – you know, like making Hank Williams sing Beyonce, or Johnny Cash covering “Barbie Girl”.

The latest masterpiece is the “Baby” song, which is basically a mash-up of singers singing “Baby” in the lyrics.

Pretty simple, but for some reason, oddly entertaining.

This is where I’m at in life:

Yes, my maturity level is top notch.

Find more gloriousness at https://www.youtube.com/@ThereIRuinedIt


Kelsea Ballerini and Noah Kahn “Cowboys Cry Too”

Well, this one tugs the heartstrings.

Kelsea Ballerini has teamed up with Folk-Pop singer/songwriter Noah Kahn (you may know his Top 40 hit “Stick Season”) for a beautiful duet called “Cowboys Cry Too”,  which basically addresses “Toxic Masculinity” and serves as a reminder that it’s ok to cry, even if you’re a “tough guy”.

Here’s the lyrics:

“He’s as tough as the tattoos up his right arm
And I’ve talked him down from getting in a fight or two
He stands his ground, he’s as stubborn as the weeds in the backyard
‘Cause growing up, he had to go where the wind blew
He hides his heart and hurt, guess he kinda had to
In a world that says, “Saddle up and be a man”
When the sun goes down and his hazel eyes go blue
That’s when I understand

[Chorus: Kelsea Ballerini]
Cowboys cry too
They may not let ’em fall down in their hometown thinkin’ they still got shit to prove
That well runs deep
But when he’s showin’ his skin, lettin’ mе in, that’s when he’s toughest to mе
I never knew cowboys cry too

[Verse 2: Noah Kahan, Noah Kahan & Kelsea Ballerini]
I grew up wishing I could close off the way my dad did
‘Cause that man never felt a damn thing he didn’t wanna feel
But I’ve burned too many miles tryna ride out all the sadness
But you can’t outdrive pain, someday it’s gonna take the wheel
Can’t be alone, but don’t wanna get close to anybody
Don’t wanna bare teeth, but don’t wanna look weak, it’s a tough spot
But I’m afraid you’ll walk away when the tears start runnin’
But I hope not”

Pretty solid lyrics, and I love the subject matter.

Both Kelsea and Noah contributed lyrics, and I have to say, Kelsea is really beginning to impress me as a songwriter, and she just wrapped up her 5th studio album, so we should be hearing something soon.

More info at https://www.kelseaballerini.com/#!