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Ed Sheeran “Eyes Closed”

Ed Sheeran just dropped his new singles early this morning, and it just makes my heart happy.

It’s like he doesn’t know how to disappoint, and I’m fine with that!

Off his upcoming album “Subtract” here’s the first single “Eyes Closed”.

Annnnnddd there’s another #1 for Ed.  Emotional, catchy, great hook and lyrics, beautiful vocals… all the stuff Ed is made of.

I’ve always respected him as an artist, and he’s the real deal. He’ll be one of those that decades down the road, he’ll still be a constant force in music.


Ed’s new album “Subtract” comes out May 5th, and with a lead single like this, I can’t wait for the rest!



Ashley McBryde SLAYS Rolling Stone Cover!

I’m a huge Rolling Stones fan (Stones > Beatles, always!) and I’m a huge Country Music fan as well.

So, when I saw that “Stoned Cold Country”- an album featuring some of Country’s best artists, like Brooks and Dunn to Eric Church to Lainey Wilson- covering Rolling Stones classics, you know I had to go check it out RIGHT THEN!

One of the highlights?

Ashley McBryde covering “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”

Dudeeee… she just nailed the HELL out of that!

My 1 year old was jamming out in his play pen when I was streaming it. He’s clearly got excellent taste!

Check out all the covers on “Stoned Cold Country” out now.

There’s some pretty good ones on there!

Luke Grimes “Oh, Ohio”

Luke Grimes AKA “Kacey Dutton” on “Yellowstone” is really getting into this Country music thing!

A couple of months ago, he released “No Horse to Ride”, and he just put out his latest effort – a homage to his home state- called “Oh Ohio” and I like it even better!

I am really liking Luke’s sound, and it’s got some pretty good lyrics, like “But I’d be like them fireflies burned out in them jars”.

I’m a sucker for imagery.

And I’m a sucker for a true Country sound, and it seems like Luke’s got it!

He is currently working on his debut album, so I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, no word on what the heck is happening with “Yellowstone”…

Luke Combs “Five Leaf Clover”

Luke Combs just keeps those fire singles coming!

He dropped his latest “Five Leaf Clover” this morning- because, Saint Patricks Day- and damn, it’s good.

Really good.

Melodic, relatable and true Country.  The game cam line reminds me of my husband- I’ve heard that line many of times!  And I can relate as I have been extremely lucky thus far.  I definitely have a five-leaf clover, and I am so, so appreciative of all the good things I have.  Not trying to brag or anything, but this song just hits home and reminds me of the good things. Family, a career I love, and some amazing friends (and some great fur babies!)

I know I post a lot about Luke, but hot damn, he keeps putting out songs worthy of mentioning.  And I’m sure there will be plenty more off of his upcoming album “Getin’ Old” which comes out in a week- March 24th!

Calling it another chart topper. Watch out Morgan Wallen!



Axl Rose and Carrie Underwood Rocking Out!

I’m really envious of Carrie Underwood.

Not just those pipes and those legs, but getting to perform with Axl Rose (One of my Rock Idols) several times recently? I mean, DAMN, girl.


I love that Carrie has this side of her. I always wrote her off as a prissy girly-girl, but damn can she rock.  Turns out she’s a big fan of Classic Rock and metal, and she can certainly deliver the goods.

It’s really cool to see the “other” side of Carrie.  This combined with her love of fitness and red wine, well, hot damn, maybe we can be friends after all!  She’s been gaining some serious cool points with me lately.


Oooohhhh… maybe a Rock album is in her future?

I would support the fire out of that.


Lady Gaga is the QUEEN!

I don’t watch the Oscars.

I’m not that into movies, and let’s be real, until this year, very few of the nominated films were ones that the average person would recognize.  Also, the politicizing of anything and everything Hollywood has really turned me off of it.

So, yeah, totally didn’t watch last night. I watched a rodeo instead on CBS Sports.

But this morning while doing my usual coffee and radio show prep routine, I saw that Lady Gaga DID perform at The Oscars after all (she originally wasn’t planning to) and being a fan of hers, I had to check the performance out.


I absolutely LOVE that she not only slayed the vocals (as per usual) but that she just washed her face and showed up completely make-up free and unadorned.  I actually like her better this way. Just raw talent.

Can we normalize women NOT being all glammed up all the time in Hollywood?  Because it’s exhausting.  It really is.  Plus, noone looks like a Kardashian in real life. Not even they do.

I just really love this performance, and think it’s one of Gaga’s best.

Just wanted to pass it along in case you’re like me and give zero flips about the Oscars.


Is there anything she can’t do?


Tim McGraw “Standing Room Only”

Tim McGraw is just a Country Music staple, and there’s a reason for that. Since the mid-90’s, he has consistently put out great Country music (we’ll just forget about “Truck Yeah”, ok?).  Tim has been promising some new music for the past six months, and he came through yesterday with his new single “Standing Room Only”.

I mean, in the end, that’s all that matter, right?  The impact that you leave behind…

Well done, Tim, and I’m sure we’ll be getting a new album announcement soon!


Travis Denning “Strawberry Wine and a Cheap Six Pack”

So, last weekend I saw Travis Denning live at Boot Barn Hall, and got to hang with him before the show. He’s really one of the coolest, most down to Earth guys you could meet, and he told me he was dropping a new single this morning. He asked me if I wanted to hear it, and of course I did! I mean, duh.

I fell in love with it in the first few beats. It’s called “Strawberry Wine and a Cheap Six Pack” and it’s the perfect Summer Country song!

It’s one of those songs that immediately takes me back to 2002.  Summer, beer, riding backroads and frat boys in baseball caps.  Bad decisions and great memories. Wait… that in itself could be a good Country song title, am I right?


Also, Morgan Wallen dropped his new album (36 songs. Woah!) today, and Travis co-wrote Track 5 on it called “Devil Don’t Know”.

Here it is being performed live last week:

Travis puts on one hell of a live show- check out this mash-up!

Yeah, I’m fangirling a bit. But I’ve been a fan since “David Ashley Parker From Powder Springs” and after last week’s show and a drink with Travis, I’m even more of a fan.


Metallica “If Darkness Had a Son”

I’ve been posting a lot of Country stuff lately, so here’s one for all of my rockers.

Metallica just dropped a new single this morning, and of course it will rock your face.

Presenting… “If Darkness Had a Son”:

Damnnnnn… I enjoyed all 7+ minutes of that!  I was feeding my baby when I listened to it for the first time on my phone this morning, and he was all about it, too.

Raising the kid right.


Metallica’s new album “72 Seasons” is out April 14th, and let’s just say it’s promising.

Luke Combs “Joe”

Luke Combs is on FIRE!

Yes, I know I share a lot of his music, but there’s good reason for that.

He’s got a new album coming out on March 24th called “Gettin’ Old” and he keeps releasing fan favorites that will be on the album. And he does NOT disappoint.  His new single “Joe” deals with addiction and overcoming substance abuse, and the daily struggle that so many people can relate to.

True Country Music right here.

It’s such a well-written song on a topic that so many deal with on a daily basis.  Luke has admitted that Country music is full of drinking and partying songs, but there are not many songs out there for those who are on the other end of the spectrum.  I think it’s great that Luke is shining a light on such a difficult topic, and in a genre full of “Let’s get drunk in my truck” songs, it’s good to hear another side of the story.

Luke is quickly becoming one of the most respected artists in Modern Country, and it’s not hard to see why.


I can’t wait for his new album! Again, March 24th is when you can check it out.