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Slide "Methodical Madness"
A Monument of Metal
— Metal Magazine
  1. Sabretooth3:25
  2. Massive Metal2:57
  3. Methodical Madness4:26
  4. Gazmask Terror3:51
  5. Sabretooth3:25
  6. Massive Metal2:57

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    New Song Of The Week 2-22-21

    I freaking LOVE The Foo Fighters. Not only are they fantastic musicians who master the art of staying relevant without having to overhaul...

    New Song of the Week 2-15-21

    Being a Van Halen fan. it’s only natural to want to embrace the music of the offspring of one of the greatest guitarists...
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    New Song of the Week 2-9-21

      I’ve always loved a good cover song. For instance, Metallica’s cover of Bob Seger’s “Turn the Page”, Motley Crue’s cover of “Smokin’...
    B86E778E-73E7-4976-8547-AF01D5786BFC (2)

    Middle Age, I See You!!!

      I’m 38 today, which is cool.  I’ve not been one to really cry over getting older.  The other option is way worse,...

    New Song of The Week 1/25/21

    Maybe it’s the horse fan in me… or maybe it’s just that this song is that good.  Probably both. Parker McCollum is the...

    Going Viral (In a Good Way)

    What’s it like to go viral?  Like on the internet? (Not COVID) I may actually know a thing or two about that. I...
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    New Song of the Week 1/18/21

      I’ve been a fan of The Weeknd from the start, and I am loving the pop music he is continuing to put...
    Meg 2

    Not Everyone is Going to Like You, and That’s OK.

    It’s a tough pill to swallow, but it’s one of the truths of life. No matter what you do, there is always going...

    New Song of the Week 1/11/21

      Ok, first off, I’ve been a Gwen Stefani fan from the beginning. I remember being a weird, flat-chested blonde girl and felt...

    New Song Of the Week! 1/4/21

    I’ve been a Foos Fan since the beginning- and they continue to put out great rock that never disappoints.  They are just a...

    Bye, 2020.

    Oh, 2020… where do we even begin?   Yeah, so it’s been an absolutely ridiculous year. Definitely the dumbest one I’ve encountered in...

    The Best Christmas Songs EVER!

    Tis’ the season for holiday music! Oddly enough, I couldn’t stand Christmas music growing up. Not sure why, but thankfully I’m growing out...


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