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Slide "Methodical Madness"
A Monument of Metal
— Metal Magazine
  1. Sabretooth3:25
  2. Massive Metal2:57
  3. Methodical Madness4:26
  4. Gazmask Terror3:51
  5. Sabretooth3:25
  6. Massive Metal2:57

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    New Song of the Week: 5-13-21

    Chris Stapleton is here to save Country Music. I honestly don’t think the man is capable of putting out a bad song.  That...

    New Song of the Week: 5-5-21

    Yeah, yeah, I’m always posting about Miranda Lambert? You know why?  Because she’s a BADASS and she always delivers. She’s got her “Marfa...


    After almost 20 years in radio, I’m now at the point where people ask me for advice. (I know, ME, which is crazy...

    New Song of the Week: 4-13

    Ok, so being a HUGE Rolling Stones and Foo Fighters fan, I may have squealed a little (ok, a LOT) when I saw...

    New Song of the Week 4-7

    As I’ve mentioned about a million times, I love ALL kinds of music… Rock, Country, Pop, Hip Hop, Classic Hits, Blues… the list...

    Don’t Be a Joy Thief

    A few years ago, I bought my horse Angel.  I was SO excited to be able to get back into horses- which was...

    New Song of the Week 3-22

    Darius Rucker is just one of the coolest dudes… who else can claim fame in one of the most iconic 90’s bands (Hootie...

    New Song of the Week 3-15

    When Dua Lipa first came on the scene, I was like “Meh. Ok.” But man, this past year she has been on FIRE! ...

    The Advice Not Taken

    Looking back on the past 38 years, all the things that happened, all the paths taken and the ones bypassed, I often wonder...
    Main Press Photo - Silk Sonic

    New Song of The Week 3-8

    So, a few weeks ago, I had mentioned on air that I really wanted new Bruno Mars. He’s definitely up there as one...


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