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My Story

I was born in New Jersey, and my family moved to Henderson, TN when I was 9 years old. (I’m a Yankee Carpetbagger as my Southern-born husband likes to say!)  I have always been into music and radio and used to record fake radio shows and interview my friends and little brother on my tape recorder when I was as young as 6. I’m not making this up.  So, I knew from a young age what I really wanted to do.

I started high school a year early (I skipped a grade, and I’m still not sure why, as I wasn’t that smart. ) so imagine a really awkward, not-cute 13 year-old trying to get by in a sea of teenagers. I was a total outcast and was bullied a lot. To be fair, I was kind of weird, and definitely my own person, which does NOT translate into coolness at a public school in the late 90’s.  But it’s ok, because it definitely made me stronger, and more determined to succeed. I was really lucky.

My Freshman year in college (Lambuth University in Jackson, TN. It doesn’t exist anymore, and honestly, I’m not shocked) I majored in Communications and Minored in International Business. I was told that I had to wait until my Senior Year to do a radio internship, but being impatient, I decided not to wait four years, and literally walked into a local radio station in Jackson, TN – 102.3- and ask for a job.  I was 17, and only had waitressing experience, but they hired me to do Weekend Overnights.  I was terrible, and the job only lasted a Summer, but it got my foot in the door.  Two years later, I was holding a “Car Wash” sign wearing Daisy Dukes at a local car wash, and it just so happened a local radio station- then known as Rock 92.3- was doing a live remote broadcast. I ended up chatting to the Program Director who was also the air personality doing the remote, and he mentioned he was looking for a new Midday Girl. I told him I had a little bit of experience, and he told me to come by the station that Monday.  I was hired by the end of the week, and thus my career began in earnest.  I was really green and terrified and I am SO grateful to have had amazing people at that cluster to help me grow.  A year and a half later I got hired on at 98.1 the Max in Memphis.  I honestly wasn’t ready to be on-air in that big of a market- especially at just 22- but I went for it and it was an amazing experience.  It was literally a dream gig, and it was there that I met my husband, who was a college student on the remote crew.  He was in ROTC at the University of Memphis, and I had NO idea what that meant. I found out soon enough that it’s “Career Army” and we got married and being brave (Or stupid. Or both) I left my career and my family in Tennessee and moved to the Savannah, GA area.  I ended up building my own home radio studio to stay in the business while continuing to move every few years, and that was a Godsend.  I was able to work at 92.9 in Valdosta, GA, then 95.9 in Panama City, and then we got stationed in Manhattan, KS where I did Morning Drive at B104.7, Middays at Z96.3, Weekends on KROCK and eventually Program Director of B104.7. Then we moved to Kansas City where I linked up with the Cumulus Cluster there, and did Middays at 95.7 The Vibe, and currently do Nights on 94.9 KCMO, as well as the female voice and Jacktivities chick on 102.5 JACK-FM. I currently work for many stations across the country, and do commercial and voiceover work for local, regional, and National companies.  I also randomly started going viral with an idea I came up with called “Wine Workouts”- and have racked up almost half-a-billion views at last count.  I’ve also had viral videos with my Husky “Cash” who is my forever duet partner, as well as a chance to sing with several working cover bands- most recently Retroactive and Whatever Rocks.  It’s been a crazy, fun, random ride, and I am grateful for every second of it!