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Sabrina Carpenter “Please, Please, Please”

Sabrina Carpenter is on FIRE right now!

Until recently, she enjoyed moderate Pop success, but 2024 has sent this little lady (she’s 4’11) into the stratosphere.

Her music, especially as of late, has been so fun and catchy- pure Pop perfection. I mean, “Feather” and “Espresso” have been radio staples this year, and her new song “Please, Please, Please” is sure to be another big hit:

How great is that? And the video! I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s in the thick of the music video era, so I love a good visual to go with a song, and this one is pretty damn fantastic. Her real-life boyfriend Barry Keoghan (from “Saltburn! ) plays her troublesome love interest and nails it.

I love the creative lyrics in the song- I mean, we’ve all been in relationships where the other is kind of an ass, right? One of the things that I am really liking about Sabrina is that she has smart, relatable lyrics set to catchy AF music.

I think she is just getting started…

Sabrina Carpenter’s new album “Short n’ Sweet” drops August 23rd.

More info at https://www.sabrinacarpenter.com/