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brantley gilbert

New Song Of The Week: 9-2-21

In honor of those 13 brave Marines who gave their all in Afghanistan last week, Brantley Gilbert released a song in their honor “Gone But Not Forgotten”.  I’m not trying to get political here… but I feel like our fallen soldiers should get all the respect possible by our fellow countrymen.  Sadly, that doesn’t always happen.

Country music always does a great job of supporting our military, and showing respect for those who gave all.

As a military wife, I definitely appreciate it, and I know our soldier do as well.

Thank you, always, to those who serve, and never forget those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so we can live our lives freely.

I know as Americans we complain A LOT, but you know what?  We have it damn good here.  And our military is to thank for it.