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The 2024 Budweiser Super Bowl Ad is Here!

Well, this just made my heart all happy.

First off, I am a bona-fide horse girl, and naturally, the Budweiser Clydesdales are among my favorite things in life! So, I’m always excited to see a new commercial featuring them.

Especially if it’s a Super Bowl commercial. They always bring their A game.

Here’s their effort for the Super Bowl LVIII titled “Special Delivery”:

Awwww… how can you NOT love horses and dogs? Especially together. HOW???

Also, with the Chiefs back in the SB next Sunday, it’s not just commercials I have to look forward to.  I’m hoping for another victory over SF like they did in 2020. What a great moment that was.

Also, you know, Taylor Swift. I’m glad she chose a guy on The Chiefs, a team I already cheered for. She’s got good taste.

Goooo Chieffffssss!!!


Also, please not hateful comments towards Budweiser, ok? Hating on them is sooooo 2023.


If Kid Rock can forgive them, so can you.