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Miley Cyrus “Faithfully” Live at Chateau Marmont


A few weeks ago, I shared a clip of Mikey Cyrus singing a stellar version of Journey’s “Faithfully” at her birthday celebration at Chateau Marmont, and I know a lot of you really enjoyed it.

You know what you’ll enjoy even more?

The FULL version with actually good audio that Miley herself just shared!

So damn good.

Miley has such a unique voice and delivery style, and I’m really hoping she does a covers album soon. She’s got some great versions of classic songs, so why not?

Maybe that’s what she is hinting at?

Either way, Miley has really grown so much as an artist, and my respect and admiration for her has grown for her in these past few years.

I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us in 2024!

Miley Cyrus Singing Journey’s “Faithfully”

As time goes on, I am definitely becoming more and more of a Miley Cyrus fan.  I wasn’t into her in her “Hannah Montana” days, nor her music right after. Some of her songs on the “Bangerz” album were good, but her public persona was a bit much for me at the stage of life I was in. But now?  Miley has grown as an artist and a person and is really impressive. These past few years, she has really turned my head as an artist, and she keeps getting better.

Case in point: Her version of Journey’s “Faithfully” at her 31st Birthday Party at Chateau Marmont:

Well, she just slayed that, and made it her own.

“Faithfully” is one of my favorite 80’s Power Ballads, and I love the spin she put on it. She made it her own.

Anyone else hope she releases her version as a single?