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Carly Pearce “Truck on Fire”

Carly Pearce has sent her new single to Country radio, and it’s a good, old-fashioned revenge song.

Her new single off her latest album “hummingbird” which came out last month is called “Truck on Fire”, and it’s a departure from what she’s had on Country radio lately. Instead of sad, emotonal songs like her collab with Chris Stapleton “We Don’t Talk Anymore” and her Grammy winning duet with Ashley McBryde “Never Wanted to be That Girl”, Carly ready to get into arson with “Truck on Fire” which is about, well, setting a cheater’s truck on fire. Because, why not?

It’s like the sequel to Carrie Underwood’s 2005 hit “Before He Cheats”. Like, forgetting keying the truck and hitting it with a baseball bat, just light the whole thing up.

That’ll show him.

Although, he probably has insurance…

Personally, I would go after something irreplaceable and sentimental, like his hunting trophies, but that’s just me.

If my husband pulls any dirty tricks, I’m going for the deer heads and turkey beards.


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Come on, Nashville, put me on the songwriting roster!

In the meantime, you get truck on fire songs from Carly Pearce, which will do.

Check out Carly’s latest album “hummingbird” out now, and she’s on the road with Tim McGraw- get dates at http://CarlyPearce.com

Carly Pearce “Fault Line”

I have to say that this is my favorite song that Carly Pearce has released in a minute.

Carly released the latest off of her upcoming 4th studio album “hummingbird”, and it’s a perfect Country heartbreak song with a little bit of sass. Totlly giving Tammy Wynette vibes with this one:

Well, if that isn’t the perfect little Country bop…

Carly’s upcoming album “hummingbird” comes out June 7th, and it’s gonna be a good one.

Get more info on Carly and her current tour with Tim McGraw at http://carlypearce.com

Carly Pearce “My Place”

Carly Pearce just released another beautiful break-up song… that’s kind of her thing, of course. Creating beauty out of pain.  If you’re a fan of hers, you know she’s in the aftermath of a divorce from fellow Country star Michael Ray, and she is ending that chapter with a new album called “hummingbird” due out later this Spring. And to get us ready for it, she released a new song off of it called “My Place”, which was written by Carly, Shane McAnally, and Josh Osbourne:

Yup, another winner from Carly.

Except I wouldn’t have left the good wine in his bar. Rookie mistake.


“hummingbird” drops June 14th, and Carly is currently on the road with Tim McGraw- get the dates at http://carlypearce.com

Carly Pearce “hummingbird”

Well, my Friday morning has been made.

Carly Pearce just announced her fourth studio album via Big Machine Label Group! I figured it was coming soon, as she wiped her instagram clean this week- always a good indicator that something is coming.

The new album is called “hummingbird” and is out June 14th. And the title track is absolutely STUNNING:

How gorgeous is that?

I was immediately transported into another world with that song. It’s one that brings it’s own imagery, which is one of my favorite things that a song can do.

Here’s what Carly put on her instagram to tease the song:

I love that so much. It seems like Carly is coming through the tough times beautifully, and I can’t wait to hear the full album

You can also catch her on the road with Tim McGraw this Spring/Summer on the “Standing Room Only” tour, and you can find the dates at http://carlypearce.com