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New Song of the Week: 11-20-21

I’ve been a fan of Bad Wolves since they dropped their first big single- the cover of The Cranberries “Zombie” in 2017.  I mean, who doesn’t love a rock supergroup?

When Tommy Vext exited the band, a lot of people wondered if they could recreate the magic with new lead singer DL Laskiewicz, and after their new album “Dear Monsters” dropped a few weeks ago, I’m thinking they totally can.


Their new single “Lifeline” is definitely one of my favorite new Modern Rock songs this year so far:

I’m loving the new vocals, the energy, and the relatable message that I know a lot of people- especially these past couple of years- can relate to. Also, it’s got a radio-friendly vibe, and being a radio girl, I always appreciate that!  I feel like this song could almost be a crossover hit. And if that does happen, people will complain that they’re sell-outs.  Haters gonna hate.

Download it here!