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Love Hurts

New Song of the Week: 10-1-21

I love a good cover song, and there’s been a lot of great versions of “Love Hurts” from The Every Brothers to EmmyLou Harris and Gram Parsons to Nazareth.

Well, add this one to the list.


One of my favorite female voices- Ashley Monroe- who is a solo Country artist and a member of The Pistol Annies- is on this track, as well as Tyler Cain and Ruston Kelly.  Ashley is one of the most underrated voices in the industry, and I’m still baffled as to why more people don’t know about this songbird.

Anyway, check out this version of “Love Hurts”


Right? So good.

This version has gotten little to know fanfare, which is bulhonkey.  So I’m just trying to do my tiny part.

But if Luke Bryan was singing about tailgates and short shorts and shaking it for the catfish, it’d be straight to #1, bet.


It’s a strange, messed up world we’re living in, kiddos.