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luke combs

Shenandoah and Luke Combs “Two Dozen Roses”

This made my morning!

I heard that this collab was coming, and I was waiting…

I’m a HUGE 90’s Country girl, and have loved Shenandoah since I had first heard them in the early 90’s. And of course, I love Luke Combs (who doesn’t???). So, when I heard that the two artists were teaming up to remake Shenandoah’s classic “Two Dozen Roses”, I was ALL for it.

Here it is:

I mean, there’s no way that could have gone wrong.

I love that they kept the original sound, and just added Luke Comb’s fantastic vocals.

Alllll the yes right there.

Happy Friday!


Ed Sheeran and Luke Combs ACM Performance

The 2023 ACM Awards were last night in Texas, and as per usual, the live performances did NOT disappoint!

(Also, I enjoyed watching it on Prime- way less commercials, and it only took a couple of hours, which is perfect for my short attention span)

Here’s one of my favorite performances of the night:

Ed Sheeran and Luke Combs “Life Goes On”

Ed and Luke together?

YASSSSSSSS. So much talent on that stage.

And Ed did say this week that he would love to transition to Country music, so we shall see…

Here’s the rcorded version that just dropped this morning:

So, soooo good.

I’m totally down for Ed on Country radio.

What do you think?






Luke Combs “Five Leaf Clover”

Luke Combs just keeps those fire singles coming!

He dropped his latest “Five Leaf Clover” this morning- because, Saint Patricks Day- and damn, it’s good.

Really good.

Melodic, relatable and true Country.  The game cam line reminds me of my husband- I’ve heard that line many of times!  And I can relate as I have been extremely lucky thus far.  I definitely have a five-leaf clover, and I am so, so appreciative of all the good things I have.  Not trying to brag or anything, but this song just hits home and reminds me of the good things. Family, a career I love, and some amazing friends (and some great fur babies!)

I know I post a lot about Luke, but hot damn, he keeps putting out songs worthy of mentioning.  And I’m sure there will be plenty more off of his upcoming album “Getin’ Old” which comes out in a week- March 24th!

Calling it another chart topper. Watch out Morgan Wallen!



Luke Combs “Joe”

Luke Combs is on FIRE!

Yes, I know I share a lot of his music, but there’s good reason for that.

He’s got a new album coming out on March 24th called “Gettin’ Old” and he keeps releasing fan favorites that will be on the album. And he does NOT disappoint.  His new single “Joe” deals with addiction and overcoming substance abuse, and the daily struggle that so many people can relate to.

True Country Music right here.

It’s such a well-written song on a topic that so many deal with on a daily basis.  Luke has admitted that Country music is full of drinking and partying songs, but there are not many songs out there for those who are on the other end of the spectrum.  I think it’s great that Luke is shining a light on such a difficult topic, and in a genre full of “Let’s get drunk in my truck” songs, it’s good to hear another side of the story.

Luke is quickly becoming one of the most respected artists in Modern Country, and it’s not hard to see why.


I can’t wait for his new album! Again, March 24th is when you can check it out.




Luke Combs “Love You Anyway” (Acoustic)

Let’s just be real here: Luke Combs is one of the best people to happen to Country Music.  He’s releasing a new song tomorrow called “Love You Anyway” (a fan favorite) and he just put out the acoustic version, and I’m calling it right now… this is going to be THE love song of 2023.

I’m going to go ahead and say that this is one of my favorites of his. So beautifully written, and I’m loving all the imagery in the song.  Well done, Luke!  This will be on his upcoming album “Gettin’ Old” which comes out on March 24th.

Get ready, you’ll be hearing this one at all the weddings.