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Toby Keith and Luke Combs “Ships That Don’t Come In”

HARDY released his “HIXTAPE: Vol 3: Difftape” today, on the day that 90’s Country Legend Joe Diffie passed away from Covid back in 2020.

It’s a project full of tributes to the late, great Joe Diffie featuring some of the biggest and brightest in the Country genre, as well as Joe’s vocals.

One of the standouts is the classic “Ships That Don’t Come In” featuring Luke Combs and Toby Keith, who recently passed away last month to stomach cancer.

What noone realized at the time is tha this would be Toby’s final studio recording:

Oh, wow. I’m tearing up over here.

First of all, it’s an amazing song. And then you add Toby and Luke, and it’s just… woah.

Well done.

The full version of  “HIXTAPE Vol. 3: Difftape” is out now, and I’m loving it.

Good call on ALL of it, HARDY.

Luke Combs Teases New Song “The Man He Sees In Me”

Luke Combs is back in the studio working on his next project, and so far, it sounds like it’s going to be another Country Radio staple!

On New Year’s Eve, Luke posted a video of himself in his living room playing an acoustic song called “The Man He Sees in Me”.

Well… he just released what sounds like a recorded snippet of the song on social media, and I think it’s another hit in the making:


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Soooo good.

I am loving Luke’s “Dad Era”.

It makes sense, as he and his wife Nicole have boys two under two! (Bless them)

I’ll keep you posted on what’s to come!

Also, find more info, and full tour dates for Luke at http://LukeCombs.com

Post Malone Teases Collab With Luke Combs!

Posty is going all in on his Country Music career!

First off, he was definitely giving that Country sound during his performance of “America the Beautiful” prior to the Superbowl last week.  And now he’s teasing a collab with Country superstar Luke Combs!

And you know what? It’s sounds like it will be pretty good:


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Not too shabby, right?

I can’t wait for the full song to drop. I’m sure it won’t be long since he’s teasing it.

Honestly, I’m not mad at about artists in other genres trying their hand in Country music.  I wish people could be more open-minded about it. Country isn’t just about beer, trucks, heartbreak, and tan legs in cutoff jeans… ok that’s a lot of it, sure. But it’s a story. It’s genuine emotion and a lifestyle… three chords and the truth and all that.  You don’t have to be a redneck from the hills of Kentucky to get it right. And what if someone wants that lifestyle later on?  If they choose the country over the city like my parents did in 1992? Is that not ok?

Keep an open mind, kiddos.

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to “Country Posty”.

If nothing else, he may bring a whole new fanbase to the genre, and that’s not a bad thing.


Gabby Barrett Feat. Luke Combs “Dance Like No ones Watching”

Country singer Gabby Barrett released her new album “Chapter & Verse” yesterday, and after hearing songs off of it like her latest single “Glory Days” and “You’re My Texas”, I was really looking forward to hearing her latest effort.

I’m definitely NOT dissapointed in the least!

She’s worked with so many great artists on this album, including Luke Combs who wrote “Dance Like No Ones Watching” and even gave his voice to the project:

Welp. My heart just melted.

You’re going to hear that song at ALL the weddings this year.

How amazing is Gabby’s voice on that song? And I love that she’s staying true to herself as an artist. She says that her music reflects her life, as a wife, mother, and Christian, and I love that.

Family values, people. It’s a good thing.

Gabby’s “Chapter & Verse” is out now, and is worth adding to your 2024 playlist.

More info and tour dates at https://www.gabbybarrett.com/

Luke Combs Unreleased Song “The Man He Sees In Me”


Luke Conbs seems to be making a habit of posting unreleased songs on socials these days, and hey, I’m not mad at it! He just posted this song he wrote with his friend Josh Phillips called “The Man He Sees in Me”, and it’s, of course, perfect.

Personally, I am loving the “Dad Songs” Luke is putting out these days. It’s where he’s at in life with two litle boys under two.  That’s what Country Music is supposed to be- life. And this is where he’s at in life, and I’m in the same place. Except, obviously not a dad.  But the song makes me think of my husband and father of my 2 year-old son, and I know Brandon already thinks his Daddy hung the moon, and I hope he never thinks otherwise.

I can’t wait for more Luke in 2024.

Honestly, I am really loving the direction Country Music is headed…

Luke Combs Teases New Song on Instagram!

One of the biggest acts in Country music right now is Luke Combs, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. He’s continuously putting out great music, while being an awesome human and relateable as hell.

Luke just post a clip of him performing an acoustic version of an unreleased song called “Plant a Seed” and I’m betting it’ll be a future hit single.

He explained how this song came to be on his latest instagram post: “Got sent this song a while back from @wyattmccubbin that he wrote with @bigrobsnyder and @jeffhydemusic. Last night it was in my head and I couldn’t sleep so I got up and messed around with it for a few hours. Been singing it to myself all morning and as I watched the boys while Nicole got a shower in I recorded this. Hope y’all like it and sorry for all the dad songs but that’s where I’m at these days and I couldn’t be happier about it. A lot more songs to come soon.”

As a momma, I absolutely love it, and I can’t wait to watch my own seed I planted to continue to grow.  Having a son is my absolute greatest joy in life.

As for Luke Combs, he is gearing up for a big 2024 with a ton of stadium tour dates… and apparantly a lot of new music, too.


Get more info at http://LukeCombs.com

Country Music had a banger of a year in 2023, and I can’t wait to hear what’s in store for ’24!

The Wilder Blue Feat. Luke Combs “Seven Bridges Road”

Well, this was a pleasant surprise this morning.

The Wilder Blue – if you’re not in the know- are an incredible Country/Folk group that is making waves in the more alternative Country world. They’re the real freaking deal. And they just teamed up with the Realest of the Deals Luke Combs for a rendition of The Eagle’s classic “Seven Bridges Road”.

Here’s how it all went down:

How cool is that? I’m glad independent artists are getting some love and recognition from the big guys.

This is a sonic treat:

Woahhhh… wasn’t that good?

You’re weclome.

I celebrate The Eagles’ entire catalogue, and I have to say that I heartily approve.

Also, I want to throw in a favorite Wilder Blue song of mine for you to enjoy.

It’s called “Palomino Gold”:

Find out more about this incredible independent band at https://www.thewilderblue.com/

The real deal, folks.

Luke Combs “Where the Wild Things Are”

Luke Combs has announced his latest radio single, and it’s one of my favorites of his.

“Where the Wild Things Are” will be playing like crazy on Country radio soon, so be ready.

I’m totally not mad at it.

Isn’t that a cool song?

Written by Randy Montana and Dave Turnbull, it sounds like nothing on the radio just now.  A great mid-tempo beat and story to go with it.

So… yeah. You just heard Luke Combs 17th #1 hit.

That was an easy one to call!

Get more info on Luke’s music and tour dates at http://Lukecombs.com


Shenandoah and Luke Combs “Two Dozen Roses”

This made my morning!

I heard that this collab was coming, and I was waiting…

I’m a HUGE 90’s Country girl, and have loved Shenandoah since I had first heard them in the early 90’s. And of course, I love Luke Combs (who doesn’t???). So, when I heard that the two artists were teaming up to remake Shenandoah’s classic “Two Dozen Roses”, I was ALL for it.

Here it is:

I mean, there’s no way that could have gone wrong.

I love that they kept the original sound, and just added Luke Comb’s fantastic vocals.

Alllll the yes right there.

Happy Friday!


Ed Sheeran and Luke Combs ACM Performance

The 2023 ACM Awards were last night in Texas, and as per usual, the live performances did NOT disappoint!

(Also, I enjoyed watching it on Prime- way less commercials, and it only took a couple of hours, which is perfect for my short attention span)

Here’s one of my favorite performances of the night:

Ed Sheeran and Luke Combs “Life Goes On”

Ed and Luke together?

YASSSSSSSS. So much talent on that stage.

And Ed did say this week that he would love to transition to Country music, so we shall see…

Here’s the rcorded version that just dropped this morning:

So, soooo good.

I’m totally down for Ed on Country radio.

What do you think?