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New Kids, Rick Astley, Salt N Pepa AND En Vogue? YES, PLEASE!!!

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, New Kids on the Block, Rick Astley, Salt N Pepa and En Vogue were radio staples, and I was into all of them! So, last year, when the Mixtape Tour was announced, I got a little giddy about the line-up. It’s every middle-aged woman’s dream!

Yes, if you’re excited about this, you are middle aged. Own it.

And what shows my middle-age cred even more is how much I love this collab of all the artists menitoned above that dropped this week called “Bring Back the Time” and the muisc video that goes along with it. It pays homage to the great music videos of the 80’s MTV era.

You see kids, before MTV was all lame ass reality shows, it was actual badass music videos, and it was glorious.

Isn’t that the best? It totally made my week.

Check out the Mixtape tour dates here!