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noah kahan

Kelsea Ballerini and Noah Kahn “Cowboys Cry Too”

Well, this one tugs the heartstrings.

Kelsea Ballerini has teamed up with Folk-Pop singer/songwriter Noah Kahn (you may know his Top 40 hit “Stick Season”) for a beautiful duet called “Cowboys Cry Too”,  which basically addresses “Toxic Masculinity” and serves as a reminder that it’s ok to cry, even if you’re a “tough guy”.

Here’s the lyrics:

“He’s as tough as the tattoos up his right arm
And I’ve talked him down from getting in a fight or two
He stands his ground, he’s as stubborn as the weeds in the backyard
‘Cause growing up, he had to go where the wind blew
He hides his heart and hurt, guess he kinda had to
In a world that says, “Saddle up and be a man”
When the sun goes down and his hazel eyes go blue
That’s when I understand

[Chorus: Kelsea Ballerini]
Cowboys cry too
They may not let ’em fall down in their hometown thinkin’ they still got shit to prove
That well runs deep
But when he’s showin’ his skin, lettin’ mе in, that’s when he’s toughest to mе
I never knew cowboys cry too

[Verse 2: Noah Kahan, Noah Kahan & Kelsea Ballerini]
I grew up wishing I could close off the way my dad did
‘Cause that man never felt a damn thing he didn’t wanna feel
But I’ve burned too many miles tryna ride out all the sadness
But you can’t outdrive pain, someday it’s gonna take the wheel
Can’t be alone, but don’t wanna get close to anybody
Don’t wanna bare teeth, but don’t wanna look weak, it’s a tough spot
But I’m afraid you’ll walk away when the tears start runnin’
But I hope not”

Pretty solid lyrics, and I love the subject matter.

Both Kelsea and Noah contributed lyrics, and I have to say, Kelsea is really beginning to impress me as a songwriter, and she just wrapped up her 5th studio album, so we should be hearing something soon.

More info at https://www.kelseaballerini.com/#!