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now and then

The Beatles “Now and Then”

This one has been a LONG time coming…

The FINAL Beatles song!

Thanks to technology, a song that John Lennon had recorded a demo of finally gets to see the light of day with his vocals on it!

I have been waiting on this for months now, as so many others have since hearing that this was going to happen.

And it’s well worth the wait! Such a beautiful, haunting song. What a gift!

Check out “Now and Then”:

Ok, yeah, that was really, really good. Times like these are when technology is definitely our friend!

And the story on how this song came to light is pretty amazing as well. Check it out at https://www.nytimes.com/2023/11/02/arts/music/beatles-now-and-then-last-song.html

Again, what a gift!