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phil collins

Kane Brown “I Can Feel It”

It’s been a big week for Phil Collins and “In the Air Tonight”.

First off, Chris Stapleton, Snoop Dogg and Cindy Blackman Santana debuted their version of the classic for this season’s “Monday Night Football” this past Monday… and it’s stellar.

So, there’s that, and Kane Brown just dropped a song that heavily samples “In the Air Tonight” called “I Can Feel It”:


Yes, Kane did get Phil’s permission to do this.

I honestly don’t hate it. It’s fun, radio-friendly, catchy… and has the iconic drum solo. I did think he said “I Saw Your Boobs Bouncing to the Beat” in the first verse, but it was boots, not boobs.

Been cooler if he had said boobs.

Anyhow, this song follows the new trend of sampling Classic Rock staples in Country music. I’m ambivalent about it. I love Classic Rock, and this is a good way to keep bringing the music to a new audience. BUT… my heart will always belong to the originals.

That being said, expect more of this in the future. Also, expect more Kane Brown as he’s working on a new album and announced a tour for next year.

Get the dates at http://Kanebrown.com

Chris Stapleton and Snoop Dogg “In the Air Tonight”

Did you see “Monday Night Football” last night?

Chris Stapleton and Snoop Dogg debuted their new MNF anthem – a cover of Phil Collins “In The Air Tonight” with Cindy Blackman Santana on the drums.

Hot damn, right?

Chris Stapleton’s vocals can pretty much slay anything, and who doesn’t love Snoop Dogg?

And fun fact- Cindy is Carlos Santana’s wife.

I love everything about all of it.

Also, Go Chiefs!