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Billy Joel “Turn the Lights Back On”

I was so excited this moring to get to hear the new Billy Joel!

As a fan since I was a kiddo, I was definiely excited to hear his first new release in 31 years. His last was “River of Dreams”, if you can believe that.  Now, Billy has been on the road and performing almost nonstop, but we haven’t gotten anything new until about thirty minues ago.

Here is Billy Joel’s  “Turn the Lights Back On”:

Ahhh… yes. I love it. Classic Billy Joel.  That voice, piano, and strong lyrics… my man still has it!

Oddly enough, Billy didn’t want to sing on the new track that he wrote. He was hoping for someone else like Adele to do it, who is co-writer Freddy Wexler thought of, but in the end, Billy ended up singin on it, and thank goodness he did!

We needed new Billy Joel in this world.

So, yes, loving the new song, and I can’t wait to see Billy Joel perform it at The Grammy Awards Sunday night on CBS!

Also, I shall leave you with one of my favorite Billy Joel songs of all time below:

There’s two of them. I can’ choose right now.

Or… this…

Gah… I forgot you could smoke indoors in  public at one point. Billy makes it work.

Such an icon.