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the bridge

New Maren Morris Dropped Today!

I’ve enjoyed Maren Morris’s music since the first time I heard “My Church”. My husband and I were driving from Tennessee to Kansas in 2015 I believe… and we heard “My Church” for the first time and we both were like, “YESSS!” I knew it would be a hit, and I was excited for the fresh voice and sound in Country Music.  Maren would then embark on a solid Country career, and crossover with some Pop hits as well with “The Middle” and “The Bones”.

However, once 2020 and the Pandemic hit, Maren’s political differences with the majority of Country artists and fans started creating a bit of a riff.

Now, I am all for inclusion, and for different points of view.  I think perhaps Maren might have come on a little too strong with her opinions for a more conservative fan base.  I follow her on socials, and dammmnnn, she can really attack other artists and viewpoints that differ from her own. I know that’s her style, but it definitely didn’t help her career in Country Music. I’m not saying that she’s wrong, buttttt… there were probably kinder ways to handle things. (Dolly Parton always comes to mind when I think of someone who handles situations gracefully)

That being said, Maren does stay true to herself and her beliefs, and I do respect that.

I also respect her as an artist and a songwriter, and she is truly talented. I’ve seen her and her husband Ryan Hurd live before, and they are both incredible.

Maren has been working on a new album, and she released a two song EP this morning called “The Bridge” , and I’m thinking this may be her goodbye to the genre. Here’s what she posted on instagram: “As I’ve been working on my record non-stop this year, I realized these two songs deserved a moment of their own – a story in their own right, written a day apart from each other – a tender duo and bridge to my next album. I welcome, celebrate and grieve the changes that have happened these last few years and these two songs say it better than I ever could in a caption or interview….hope you enjoy these. ‘Wherever I’m going, I hope I’m not the only one.‘”

Take a listen:

“Get the Hell Outta Here”:

“The Tree”:

Listening to the songs, I’m thinking she’s making a not-so-subtle announcement.

Both songs, however, are vocally and lyrically on-point, and could also be relateable to anyone in tough situation- be it romantic, professional, or just a friendship that has run its course.

Well done, Maren.

Also, I’m happy to not only hear more of her original sound with these songs, but also her original look. She went a little hard on the injections, fillers, and extensions for a while. She’s so naturally pretty, and I’m happy to see she’s embracing that again as well.

And whatever path she takes, I wish her all the best. If she’s truly unhappy and uncomfortable in the Country genre, then she is right to move on. I know that with her talent, she’ll do well wherever she goes.

What do you think of Maren’s new songs? Do you think it’s a farewell to Country Music? Or at least Nashville?