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white horse

“Get That Boy Back” featuring Chris Stapleton on SNL

Chris Stapleton was on “Saturday Night Live” last night, and although he didn’t perform “I’m Just Ken” with host Ryan Gosling, his perfromances and skits redeemed that.

Case in point: “Get That Boy Back”:

I choked on my coffee watching that.

And, of course, Chris never misses on his live performances:

“White Horse”

“Mountains of My Mind”

Thank you Baby Jesus for Chris Stapleton.

Kelly Clarkson Covers Chris Stapleton

Yes, I know I post a bunch of Kellyoke on here.

But seriously, Kelly Clarkson’s covers are one of the best things on the internet right now.

In case you’re new to the party, Kelly Clarkson has a daily talk show “The Kelly Clarkson Show” on NBC, and every day she does a segment called “Kellyoke” where she and her ridiculously good band cover a different song every day.

The latest to catch my fancy?

Kelly’s version of Chris Stapleton’s Grammy Award winning “White Horse”:

I’ve said it more than once, and I’ll say it again…


I don’t think there is anything this woman cannot sing.

Need further pro

Check out her YouTube channel, and enjoy going down the rabbit hole.


What should she cover next???

Chris Stapleton “White Horse”

It’s a Happy Friday Indeed!

Not only do my husband and I celebrate our 16th anniversary, but also Chris Stapleton just dropped a new single. So, yeah, good things all around!

The new song “White Horse” rocks pretty hard, and you cannot go wrong with Chris’s incredible vocals that marry Country and Rock and Blues together.  I’ve already listened to this five times this morning.

Holy smokeronis, right? All of it. YES to ALL OF IT!

I’ve always enjoyed Chris on higher tempo, rock-inspired songs. His voice just kills on those. Well, his voice kills on everything, but yeah. You know what I mean.

And even better?

Chris announced his fifth studio album “Higher” and that will be dropping November 10th.

Happy Friday!!!!