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wild blue

New Song of the Week: 10-29-21

I’m a total traitor to my sex when I say that I’ve never been a massive John Mayer fan.  Sure, I can appreciate him, but I’ve never really been at the “OMGeeeee!!!! JOHN MAYER!!!!!” level of chickdom.  But I have to say I’m totally liking his new single “Wild Blue” more than I have song of his in the past.

Ok, so the video is kind of lame. Nevermind that.


I am loving the chill, vibey sound to this song.  It makes me think of a beach vacation, and it definitely has a guitar lick that channels Fleetwood Mac’s “Rihannon”. Maybe that’s why I like it? The older I get, the more I appreciate Fleetwood Mac.  Same goes for chilled-out Adult Contemporary music- something I never had much use for in the past. Middle Age, I see you!


It’s really not a bad thing, though.