Oh, 2020… where do we even begin?


Yeah, so it’s been an absolutely ridiculous year. Definitely the dumbest one I’ve encountered in my almost 38 years on this planet.  Heck, my parents will be 70 and they said they’ve never seen such shenanigans either.

I will be honest, I was lucky this year. A few dings, but nothing insurance can’t fix.  I know this isn’t the case for so many around the world.  That was one fascinating (and disappointing) aspect of this year- the lack of compassion and understanding for others who aren’t in your situation. I know several people who would say, “Oh, I don’t get why people are mad about staying at home. I love it!” Really? Everyone isn’t you. So many lost their jobs and their dreams due to stay-at-home orders. But then again, many were probably saved by it. There’s no right answer, I don’t think.  Also, the hypocrisy that was displayed throughout the year- “Stay Home!” Unless you’re protesting or going to a presidential rally or celebration.  So many mixed messages.  And just to set the record straight, I am not affiliated with either political parties. I just like parties in general.  As long as I’m in bed by 11.

It’s a strange, messed-up era we are living in with too many people convinced that they are right, and too quick to judge others who don’t believe exactly how they do.  It was very depressing to see so many people be hateful to each other because of differing opinions.  And I feel sorry for anyone named Karen.  Their name got totally hijacked this year. (But let’s be real, that part WAS kind of funny)


But aside from the hot mess that was 2020, there WAS a lot of good things that happened. I think we all did get stronger, and more resilient (I think being an Army wife for almost 14 years helped me with that one. We never know what the heck is going to happen.) Seeing all the positive stories coming out of this year… the social distant parades, and the random acts of kindness… the sidewalk chalk art and the painted rocks with hopeful messages that were all over our neighborhoods… little things made me believe that we all aren’t all so bad. That behind the angry veneer, there is a shred of hope for humanity.


Ok, if I’m waxing poetic too much, it’s because my mom and Aunt just interrupted me to try to get me to take a shot of vodka with them.  I hate vodka. (Bad experience or 5 in college) So I settled for 1 and 1/2 glasses of Prosecco, and now here I am… a bubbly and stuff… I mean, it IS New Years Eve, after all. So it’s totally ok.


Ok, so my point is, and yes, I’m feeling that Prosecco (which my dad just informed me is basically Italian champagne, and I’m not sure why I didn’t know that) is that as we get into a new year, is to be kind. Don’t be a total dillweed. Not everyone is you or has had your life experiences. Nobody knows the right answers to all the mess that is happening in our world, and all we can really do is try and not make things worse.  And if anyone can invent a mask that doesn’t make me break out, that’d be cool, too.

Ok, I’m going to find more of that Italian Prosecco stuff.  I honestly thought Prosecco was lunch meat until this week.


Be nice, wear deodorant, mow your lawn, and pay your taxes.


That’s all I ask.

Cheers and I wish a much better 2021 for everyone.



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