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ann and nancy wilson

Ann and Nancy Williams of Heart Performing “Barracuda” Live!

First off, I’m just happy that Ann and Nancy Wilson are on good terms again. For awhile there, there was some family drama, and they were doing some solo stuff, but now they’ve reportedly have been working on some music together once more, and Nancy even joined Ann at the encore of her final show of her solo tour in Santa Rosa this week for their classic “Barracuda”:

Now, before anyone gets salty, Ann is 73, and can still pop some high notes out there. All of them? No. But at 23, that song would be hard to nail, let alone 50 years later. She’s still got some pipes, and Nancy can still slay the strings.

Honestly, I just get so inspired seeing these musicians in their seventies and beyond still killing it.


Now I can just impatiently wait for new music from Heart.

I’ll keep ye posted!