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80’s music

Kate Hudson Covers “Voices Carry” to Perfection!

Damn, Kate Hudson can SING!

I mean, we already knew that as she’s releasing her first ever album soon, but hearing her take on the 80’s Til’ Tuesday Classic “Voices Carry” on “The Howard Stern Show” this week, well, I am seriously impressed.

Get it, girl!

That is NOT an easy song to sing. Kate kept it close to the original while adding something extra to it.

Also, that band is really good as well.

Kate Hudson’s debut album “Glorious” comes out on May 17th.


Judas Jackson “Billie Jean’s Got Another Thing Comin'”

I LOVE a good mash-up, and YouTuber Bill McClintok never fails to disappoint.

Enjoy his latest project- a mash-up of Judas Priest’s “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin'” and Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”:

Yep. That’s gonna be my jam all day.

Somehow, it works.

If you want more gloriousness like this, check out https://www.youtube.com/@BillMcClintockMashups and go down the rabbit hole…

Kelly Clarkson Covers Tiffany “I Think We’re Alone Now”

Kelly Clarkson knocks it out of the vocal ballpark again!

First off, thank you to Tony Page Jr. for sending this to me via Facebook- he knows I’m always down for some Kellyoke action.

I always Love , Love, LOVE 80’s music, so when you put the two together, it’s an automatic win.

Check out her cover of Tiffany’s 1987 smash  “I Think We’re Alone Now” :

Ok, Kelly just nailed that one. And her band is fantastic. That drummer, though. He killed it!

What song would you like to see Kelly cover?

A “We Are the World” Documentary is Coming to Netflix!

One of my first musical memories is “We Are the World”.

My babysitter gave me the VHS of the taping for my third birthday, and I was obsessed. I watched it over and over again, and fell in love with the artists, particulary Cyndi Lauper and Kenny Rogers. I would demand to watch it nightly, and soon knew all of the words by heart,

This video and performance still holds a special place in my heart, not just for all the the amazing artists who were a part of it, but also because of the cause it supported.

All these years later, a documentary is cming to Netflix later this month, and after viewing the trailer, it’s definitely worth a watch!

If you haven’t seen the iconic performance, well, let me educate you on one of history’s greatest musical moments!

Seriously, how great is that???

Watching this tonight for probably the eight millionth time made my little heart happy.

I can’t wait for the Netflix special.

“The Greatest Night in Pop” debuts on Netflix on January 29th.

Guess what I’ll be doing that night?

Heart is BACK!

Heart is BACK!

After a few years apart due to personal issues, Ann and Nancy Wilson seem to have worked out their familial differences, and are ready to rock into 2024.

Their first performance together in a few years happened earlier this week in Highland, California at the Yaamava Casino, and they killed it.

Ann Wilson is 73, and Nancy Wilson is 69.

Let that sink in.

Also, how badass in Nancy’s outfit? I’d totally wear that.

Seriously, these women are amazing, and they will be on the road in 2024 with Def Leppard, Journey, Cheap Trick and The Steve Miller Band.

What a line-up, right?

Get more info and dates athttps://www.heart-music.com/

Ann and Nancy Williams of Heart Performing “Barracuda” Live!

First off, I’m just happy that Ann and Nancy Wilson are on good terms again. For awhile there, there was some family drama, and they were doing some solo stuff, but now they’ve reportedly have been working on some music together once more, and Nancy even joined Ann at the encore of her final show of her solo tour in Santa Rosa this week for their classic “Barracuda”:

Now, before anyone gets salty, Ann is 73, and can still pop some high notes out there. All of them? No. But at 23, that song would be hard to nail, let alone 50 years later. She’s still got some pipes, and Nancy can still slay the strings.

Honestly, I just get so inspired seeing these musicians in their seventies and beyond still killing it.


Now I can just impatiently wait for new music from Heart.

I’ll keep ye posted!


Boy George Interview!

Being a child of the 80’s and growing up in the MTV era – you know, back when they had music videos? Good times- I was more than happy to chat with the iconic Boy George of Culture Club this week!

Check the interview here:

How much fun is he?  I just adore him even more now.
Boy George with Culture Club, Howard Jones and Berlin are hitting the road this Summer, and you can catch them in KC at the Starlight Theater on August 8th!
Info/tickets at 949kcmo.com
Boy Freaking George, ya’ll!