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kelly clarkson

Kelly Clarkson Covering Lainey Wilson’s “Heart Like a Truck”

Kelly Clarkson is currently doing her “Chemistry” Las Vegas Residency, and she’s popping a few suprises into every show, like her recent cover of Lainey Wilson’s “Heart Like a Truck”.

Of course, she nailed it and then some.

Here’s another view:

Dammmnnn, girl.

Ok, can we get a Lainey/Kelly Collab now?

Honestly, though, Kelly is one of the best damn vocalists of our generation.

I don’t think anyone can argue that!

Read more at https://tasteofcountry.com/kelly-clarkson-lainey-wilson-heart-like-a-truck-cover-video/


Kelly Clarkson Flash Mob!

Kelly Clarkson is busy promoting her upcoming album “Chemistry” in a really fun way- Flash Mobs!

Remember Flash Mobs? They were really big like 10 years ago or something.

Anyhow, Kelly’s voice is absolute perfection, and the flash mob is crazy talented as well. I had to watch several times because I was in awe!
Here they are at an LA Starbucks:

Right? Chillllssss…

She’s got more videos on her instagram page if you’d like to be impressed further https://www.instagram.com/kellyclarkson/?hl=en

Kelly’s new album “Chemistry” drops June 23rd.

New Kelly Clarkson Is Here!

Kelly Clarkson is back with some vocal bangers!

She’s been teasing new music for quite some time… we knew she would have plenty of material after her messy divorce from Brandon Blackstock, and according to her two new singles “Me” and “Mine” which just came out this morning, well, thing must have been REAL bad.




Damn, those pipes, though!

I’m definitely more of a fan of her upbeat songs (that’s just me) but there’s no denying her vocal prowess and raw emotion.

She and Adele need collab, like, yesterday.

More to come on her new album “Chemistry” on June 23rd!



Kelly Clarkson Covering Hank Jr’s “Family Tradition”

Kelly Clarkson is easily one of the best vocalists of our time, something she continues to prove on the daily with her “Kellyoke” segments on her show “The Kelly Clarkson Show”.

One of her latest cover song triumphs? Her version of Hank Williams Jr’s classic tune “Family Tradition”:

Dudeeee, she gave that song a whole new life!


I remember it being a karaoke staple when I was in my bar-hopping phase, but I have never heard it like this.

Can she just full-on crossover to Country now? I wouldn’t be mad at it.