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Luke Grimes “Clay Pigeons”

If you’re a fan of the massive hit TV show “Yellowstone” then you know all about Luke Grimes, who plays Kayce Dutton on the show. As of last year, he’s been getting into Country music, and his stuff is pretty good. I love his laid back, true Country sound, and his music is the perfect soundtrack to the ranch lifestyle, which, of course, is depicted in a very dramatic way on “Yellowstone”.

He just released a cover of the Blaze Foley song “Clay Pigeons” which was originally released back in 1989, and he does a solid job on it.

If you want more Luke, he just released his debut EP “Pain Pills or Pews” and you can get more info and tour dates at http://lukegrimesmusic.com

I can’t wait to hear more from him, and I REALLY can’t wait for the final few episodes of “Yellowstone” which is slated (for now) for next Fall.


Jason Aldean “Let Your Boys Be Country”

Jason Aldean just announced his new radio single “Let Your Boys Be Country” off of his latest album “Highway Desperado”, and honestly, I really like it.

I know Jason has been the center of controversy after his last #1 single “Try That in a Small Town”, which,  growing up in a small town and living that lifestyle, I didn’t take offense to it, although I can see why some took it the wrong way. And I’m sure someone will have a problem with this song, too, as people who don’t know that life won’t exactly understand the meaning of it. That’s fine.  I really liked the song, as for me, it’s very relateable. Especially as I have a son of my own right now, and one day- hopefully soon- my husband and I will return to the family farm in West Tennessee and get to live the small town life once again. I want Brandon (my son) to grow up outside, with acres of land, to be able to roam and be free, the way my husband and I both grew up. My husband- an Officer in the US Army- and a true Country boy at heart- can’t wait to live the outdoor lifestyle with our son. There really is something to it. And that’s what I get out of this song.

I especially like the video. It makes me want to go home right now, and show Brandon the ropes of growing up on a farm in a small town. All in good time.

Growing up in a rural area was a blessing. I know there are some that make fun of that lifestyle, but in my 40+ years on this planet, and getting to see many sides of life, I have to say that there is something special and real about growing up in the country and I really can’t wait to get back to it.

I hope that my son will appreciate it as much as his father and I do. If not, that’s fine, too.

But I am excited to give him that opportunity.

Cheers to Country boys, and the Mamas that raise them!

Jusin Moore “This Is My Dirt”


Country singee Justin Moore just dropped a new single called “This is My Dirt”, and of course, I had to take a listen.

Holy macaroni, did it hit home for me.

Growing up on a farm in West TN, that I hope to one day return to and pass down to my son, this really resonates with me, and I’m sure it will for many who live in the rural areas who own land. It’s a special thing that money can’t really buy.

My dirt is covered in kudzoo, and strawberry flies take it over in the Summer, but dammit, it’s still mine.

They don’t make dirt anymore.

Kudos to Justin Moore for putting another great Country song out there!

I smell another #1 Country Radio hit, what do you think?

Post Malone “Pick-Up Man”

Last week, Post Malone joined HARDY and Morgan Wallen onstage at the CMA Awards for a medley honoring the late, great Joe Diffie.

In case you missed it…

I honestly enjoyed the heck out of that.

So, naturally, that performance is promoting HARDY’s “Hixtape Vol 3”, and it’s got Posty covering “Pickup Man” on it by Joe Diffie… and even features some of his vocals on it.

And you know what? It’s really freaking good.


Color me impressed. But I think at this point after hearing his Country covers, everyone knew that Post Malone would slide effortlessly into Country Music, but damn, he slid better than I thought!

It’s also now on the Billboard Hot Country Charts this week, marking Posty’s first time on the Country charts. I’m not mad at it. I like my Country Wide Open. It’s currently at #56, and I have a feeling it’s going to just go up from there.  Same goes for Post Malone’s Country career.

Get more of the Joe Diffie tributes at Hixtape.com

S/O to HARDY for coming up with the Hixtapes. He’s got his next dropping in March of 2024, and with all of the photos of Post Malone in Nasvhille studios lately… something big is brewing. Stay tuned!


Priscilla Block “Hey Jack”

In case you’ve been missing out, I just want to let you in on one of the up-and-coming artists in Nashville. Priscilla Block combines one hell of a voice, great songwriting, and relatability into one hell of a package.

She just released a new song called “Hey, Jack”, and it totally reminds me of twenty-two year-old me. Except she pulls it off better.

The song- written by Priscilla, Randy Montana, Jeremy Stover, and Dave Cohen- is super catchy, and very relateable. Especially if you’re a young woman in her twenties trying to navigate the dating scene, or if you ever had been that woman before, which I totally was. I really hope Country Radio catches on with her style of Country. She’s already had a couple of his with “Just About Over You”, and a number one hit recently with Justin Moore on “You, Me, and Whiskey”.  I have a feeling that this is just the beginning for this super-talented woman. Also, she is crazy fun to follow on instagram.

A few years ago, when she hi it big on Tik Tok, I got a chance to cha with her, and seriously, you can’t help but love her! Check the interview below:

Isn’t she fun???

Also, she just announced her “Hey Jack” tour for 2024.

Ya’ll, the Priscilla Block Party is just getting started!

Get ready.

Kenny Chesney “Take Her Home”

Just in case you missed it, Kenny Chesney announced his “When The Sun Goes Down” Stadium tour for 2024 with the Zac Brown Band, Megan Moroney and Uncle Kracker last week. So, it was only appropriate that he release a new song as well. And it’s a good one, of course!

It’s called “Take Her Home” and I’m smelling a future #1 hit on Country Radio.

I may have teared up at the end.  Ever since becoming a mom I cry at anything and everything baby-related. It’s really annoying.

Now, I know the song follows the usual boy-meets-girl then has a family formula for Country songs, but, hey, it’s relateable.  And it tells a story, which is what Country really is all about, right? I like it, and I can’t wait for more new music from Kenny, which will be coming soon, as he has a new album in the works.

Also, have you ever been to a Kenny Chesney stadium tour? Definitely something you need to check out if you’re checking items off of your concert bucket list.  I saw him at Arrowhead Stadium a few years back, and it’s a great concert experience.  It’s funny, because my first concert that I ever attended was Kenny Chesney at the Mid-South Fair in Memphis when I was 13. It was a part of a 4-H trip, and he had maybe one or two hit songs at the time.  So, it’s funny to think of this artist who sang in a dusty arena  that smelled like cow dung going from there to massive stadiums, and being one of the biggest stars in Country Music. I love watching these journeys unfold!

Get tour info and dates for the “When the Sun Goes Down” tour at http://KennyChesney.com

Chris Stapleton “Higher”

Chris Stapleton AKA “The Greatest Freaking Singer on This Planet” just dopped his 5th studio album “Higher” this morning, and it’s full of panty-dropping gems.

Take the title track “Higher”:

Holy High Notes!

I mean, is there anything Chris Stapleton’s voice can’t do?

I’m thinking negative, Ghostrider.

Chris actually had that song for over twenty years, but he was “scared” of it, due to the high notes and head tones.

Funny to think that an incredible vocalist like Chris is scared to do anything with those golden vocal chords, but thankfully he got over that fear and gave us this and another great album to enjoy.

We don’t deserve Chris.

Get more info, tour dates, etc at http://chrisstapleton.com

Olivia Rodrigo “Can’t Catch Me Now”

Ooooohhhh… this song came out today, and I am LOVING it!

Pop Star Olivia Rodrigo just out out her song “Can’t Catch Me Now” off the new “Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes” and wowza. It’s creepily, hauntingly fantastic!

Take a listen:

To me, a good song is one that presents itself with a visual in your mind when you hear it, and this one did just that the first time I listened.

Also, she wrote the song, which just proves her prowess as a songwriter.

The full soundtrack comes out the same day as the movie- November 17th.  I can’t wait to hear more!

Seriously, though. Props to Olivia for this one. It just made me love her as an artist that much more.

Cody Johnson Feat. Jelly Roll “Whiskey Bent”

Cody Johnson just released his highly anticipated double album “Leather” this morning, and there was a collab I was really excited to hear.  It’s with Jelly Roll (because who isn’t teaming up with Jelly these days?) and it’s called “Whiskey Bent” and it’s really good:

Solid work, guys! At first, just seeing the title, I thought it would be just another drinking song. And, it is, but not in the way I thought. Great play on words, and very relateable topic for many.

Whiskey = Trouble. At least in my experience, which is why I stick to wine.

Cody’s doule album “Leather” is out now, and so is the new Jason Aldean “Highway Desperado” and Toby Keith’s “100% Songwriter”.

So, a Happy Friday for Country Music!

The Beatles “Now and Then”

This one has been a LONG time coming…

The FINAL Beatles song!

Thanks to technology, a song that John Lennon had recorded a demo of finally gets to see the light of day with his vocals on it!

I have been waiting on this for months now, as so many others have since hearing that this was going to happen.

And it’s well worth the wait! Such a beautiful, haunting song. What a gift!

Check out “Now and Then”:

Ok, yeah, that was really, really good. Times like these are when technology is definitely our friend!

And the story on how this song came to light is pretty amazing as well. Check it out at https://www.nytimes.com/2023/11/02/arts/music/beatles-now-and-then-last-song.html

Again, what a gift!