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Brothers Osbourne Feat. Miranda Lambert “We Ain’t Good At Breaking Up”

It’s been a big day for new music!

The Brothers Osbourne just released their self-titled fourth studio album, and on it, a collab with Miranda Lambert (who I love!) is on it.

It’s a song they co-wrote called “We Ain’t Good at Breaking Up”, and of course, it’s a jam.

I love the sound and groove of the song, and adding Miranda into anything is an instant win.

We’re just getting started on a big Fall season for Country music, so basically, start saving your money!

Here’s a list of all the new Country albums out today:

• Bigger HousesDan + Shay.  This is their fifth album.  Their “Heartbreak on the Map” tour kicks off in February, with Ben Rector and Hailey Whitters.

• Brothers OsborneBrothers Osborne.


• BluegrassWillie Nelson.  This is his 74th SOLO studio album, and 151st album.  It features bluegrass versions of 12 of his own classics.


• Side Effects of the HeartAlex Hall.  This is his debut album.  Brandy Clark joins him on the track, “Women and Horses”.


• Keep It RealTyler Booth.  This is a six-song EP.


• Country ChapelTravis Tritt.  It’s his first-ever gospel project.


• Work To DoWalker Montgomery.  This is a six-song EP.  He’s the son of John Michael Montgomery and nephew of Eddie Montgomery.


• Son Of DadStephen Wilson Jr.  This is his major label debut.  Hailey Whitters guests on the song “American Gothic”.


Yeah, and as I said, we’re just getting started.

Buckle up, Buttercup!

Miranda Lambert Shames Selfie-Taking Fans

You know I’m a HUGE Miranda Lambert fan, and I love pretty much everything she does.

This week, she’s making the internet rounds for recently shaming some fans for taking selfies at one of Las Vegas shows.

Ok, I get it. For an artist, I’m sure it’s annoying to see people NOT paying attention to the show that you worked so hard to put together, and we all know Miranda isn’t afraid to speak her mind!

That being said, these fans DID pay for their tickets, so don’t they have a right to take selfies during her show?  I mean, they aren’t really causing a disruption or doing anything wrong… did they really deserve to be called out?

Oh, and here’s the photo that was taken:

I mean, obviously they are big fans, since they’re at her Velvet Rodeo Residency, right?

My beef is with that they chose to take a selfie during “Tin Man”- one of Miranda’s most emotional songs.

Like, why THAT particular song?

Do it during “Gunpowder and Lead” or something.

Anyhow, don’t mess with Miranda!

Who’s side are you on?

Miranda? Or the selfie-taking fans?

Miranda Lambert and Avril Lavigne Perform at CMA Fest!

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Miranda Lambert? Just a little bit?

Avril Lavigne was also my jam when I was in college, and going through a semi-angsty phase. Not really, but I wanted to be, so Avril was definitely on my 2003 playlist. Damnnn… that was 20 years ago?


Anyhow, both icons joined forces at CMA Fest in Nashville over the weekend and did a hella performance of Miranda’s “Kerosene” and Avril’s “Sk8er Boi”:

I was hoping to find a higher quality video today, but this is what I got.  But still, you don’t need pro video to hear how awesome these two are!

The CMA Fest Highlights will be airing July 19th on ABC.

Hopefully, this perfomance will make the cut! (I mean, it has to, right???)



Miranda Lambert/Leon Bridges “If You Were Mine”

Miranda Lambert is forever one of my favorite artists- not just in Country Music, but across all the genres.  She’s got a lot of things happening right now, including several collaborations that we can look forward to.  In fact, she just gave us a new song this morning with Leon Bridges called “If You Were Mine” and it’s perfect.

I just love the easy vibe to the song, as well as those two unique voices together.  Can’t wait to hear more of what she’s got in the pipeline for us!

Miranda did say that her dream collab would be with Beyonce.

Hey, Universe, can we make that happen?

My Favorite Songs of 2022!

2022…another totally bizarre year.  But what’s great about music is that it’s always being made, and it can put a bright spot into even the stupidest day.

How’s that forbeing profound?


Anyway, here are my picks for the Top Songs of 2022… in my humble opinion, of course.

A reminder, I love ALL genres.  Equal opportunity listener right here!


HARDY featuring Lainey Wilson “Wait in the Truck”

HARDY is quickly proving himself as one of the hottest songwriters on the Country Music scene, and songs like this is why. Plus, he got Lainey Wilson- one of my fav new artists on it, so 1,000,000 bonus points on that.

His new album drops January 27th, and I can’t wait to hear what he’s got for us!


Mammoth WVH “Epiphany”


Wolfgang Van Halen is continuing to make his daddy proud.  I think this one may be my favorite of the band’s so far.


Beyonce “Cuff It”

I loved Beyonce in Destiny’s Child and her first few years as a solo artist, but then she kind of lost me for a few years. Now she’s back with some fantastic dance songs on her latest album “Renaissance”, and “Cuff It”, although not lyrically a masterpiece, I can’t help but sing and dance really badly to it, so I’d say it’s a win.


Boomtown Saints “All Trucks Go to Heaven”


I’m calling Boomtown Saints the artists to watch in 2023.  I connected with these guys a few years ago, and it’s been so cool to see them evolve and start making some serious headway in the industry. Ben and Chris are some of the nicest, most deserving guys, and I’m so happy for them both!

Be on the listen for them, and check out my interview with them here:


ERNEST featuring Morgan Wallen “Flower Shops”


Like it or not, Morgan Wallen is freaking SLAYING the music industry right now, and you know what? Good for him. He got completely cancelled and given a second chance and I’m here for it. I could totally go on a soapbox, but I’ll refrain just now. Anyway, he helped spotlight another great artist ERNEST with this song “Flower Shops”. I loved it the first time I heard it, and it makes me so happy to hear that this sound is trending in Country again.

Thank GOD>


Also, I got a chance to chat with ERNEST earlier this year, and he’s hilarious!  Check the interview here:


Meghan Trainor “Made You Look”

Meghan Trainor is BACK and I have been singing this song nonstop the past couple of months.  Girl knows how to make an earworm!


Kacey Musgraves “Can’t Help Falling In Love”

Kacey Musgraves is life, and she gave a whole new life to this Elvis classic for the soundtrack to the Elvis movie this year.

I know a ton of artists have covered this song, but this is by far one of my favorite versions.


Ava Max “Million Dollar Baby”

I love the energy that Ava Max brings to Pop Radio, and her latest single “Million Dollar Baby” is giving major “Flashdance” vives, and I am here for it 1,000%

It makes me want to wear legwarmers and a leotard and burst into dance in the middle of a crowded street.

Maybe after a few glasses of wine that will happen.

You never know.


Papa Roach “No Apologies”

I’ve been a Papa Roach fan since the start, and this has been one of my favorite new Rock songs of the year. The sound is great, but most importantly, it’s the message.  I think it’s a song a lot of people needed to hear.


Miranda Lambert “If I Was a Cowboy”

Ya’ll know I LOVE me some Miranda, and she did not dissapoint this year. He latest album “Palomino” is fantatstic, of course, and this single is perfection.

“If I was a Cowboy, I’d be the Queen”

Ya damn right.


Three Days Grace “Lifetime”

Ughhhh… this song gets me right in the feels.  Just a reminder that nothing and noone lasts forever, so appreciate the heck out of them every. single. day.


Cody Johnson “Til’ You Can’t”


Cody Johnson broke into the mainstream hardcore with this song, and as he should. I’ve been loving his sound for years, so it was great to see him get all the airplay for this song, and a #1 hit to boot. So well deserved.

It’s another song that hits me in the feels, and also makes me hopeful for the future of Country music.


Ok, so those are the songs that spoke to me the most this year.


What’s your favorite song of 2022?


New Miranda Lambert!

Yeah, so I know I always feature Miranda Lambert’s new music on my blog, but only because Miranda continues to deliver great Country music.  I feel like she only gets better, and her new single “If I Was a Cowboy” is definitely going into my playlist, like pretty much everything else that she has.

“If I were a Cowboy, I’d Be Queen”

Ya damn right.


She’s working on a new album, and just dropped a holiday album with her side project “The Pistol Annies” today, so if you’re a Miranda fan like I am, you’ve got plenty to look forward to!