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miranda lambert

New Song of the Week: 4-29-22

Miranda Lambert dropped her new album “Palomino” today! As you probably know, I’m a BIG fan of Miranda, and I’ve been ped for this album for weeks! And of course, it’s fantastic.

So, I listened to it earlier today, and my favorite song on it, aside from the lead single “If I Was a Cowboy” is “Carousel”. It’s beautifully writeen, great music, and it’s a song that tells a story, which really is what Country music should be, right?  I love songs that paint a strong visual, and this one does it for me.

Isn’t that pretty? Definitely my pick on the album.


Go check out “Palomino” now! You’ll thank me later.


New Song of the Week: 3-11-22

Oh, shocker, I’m promoting another Miranda Lambert song.


Well, it’s only because she is DAMN GOOD, and she keeps delivering.

Here’s her new single that dropped this week “Strange”!

I think we can all relate about these last few years being “strange”. Do what you gotta do to keep sane. I hear that.


Also, Miranda is dropping her new album “Palomino” on April 29th.  I just happen to have a Palomino horse, so I’m even more excited about the new album.  I know that sounds dumb, but whatever. It is what it is.

Thank you, Miranda, for always delivering great music.


New Song of The Week: 10-22-21

Yeah, so I know I always feature Miranda Lambert’s new music on my blog, but only because Miranda continues to deliver great Country music.  I feel like she only gets better, and her new single “If I Was a Cowboy” is definitely going into my playlist, like pretty much everything else that she has.

“If I were a Cowboy, I’d Be Queen”

Ya damn right.


She’s working on a new album, and just dropped a holiday album with her side project “The Pistol Annies” today, so if you’re a Miranda fan like I am, you’ve got plenty to look forward to!

New Song of the Week: 5-5-21

Yeah, yeah, I’m always posting about Miranda Lambert?

You know why?  Because she’s a BADASS and she always delivers.

She’s got her “Marfa Tapes” with Jack Ingram and John Randall coming out on Friday, and I am ALL about it.  And she released one of the singles “Geraldine” which is a mix of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” and Loretta Lynn’s “You Ain’t Women Enough”. That’s all you need to know.

Pretty sure we need to be best friends, and I mean that in the non-creepiest way possible.


We need more Mirandas in Country music!  Actually, in music in general.