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Kelly Clarkson Covers Benson Boone’s “Beautiful Things”

Kelly Clarkson is an absokutely incredible vocalist.

Say what you will about her, but girlfriend can SING.

And she just went next level on those vocal skills with her cover of the hit song by Benson Boone “Beautiful Things” on “The Kelly Clarkson Show”.

Check out this vocal trickery:

Kelly isn’t playing around here. Those notes are insanely hard to pull off, but she does it with ease.

Also, her band is amazing.

Kudos, Kelly.

I really love this segment on her show, and she is earning all those Daytime Emmy Awards!

Kelly Clarkson Covers Don Henley on “The Kelly Clarkson Show”

Ok, I’m kind of obsessed with Kelly Clarkson’s “Kellyoke” segment on “The Kelly Clarkson Show”.

I honestly don’t think there is anything that she can’t sing and make it as good or even better than the original.

The latest performance that caught my attention? Her cover of Don Henley’s “Heart of the Matter”.

Just… wow.

I’ve always loved that song, and Kelly added just the right amount of vocal gymnastics to make her version extra special.

Does she ever miss a note or go off pitch?  Is that just an scientific impossiblity for her?

Anyway, kudos to Kelly on this version of “Heart of the Matter”.  She really nailed this one to the floor.