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New Song of the Week: 7-15-22

I love the Zac Brown Band (aside from their experiemental album that we won’t name here) and Cody Johnson. So, when I heard they were re-releasing “Wild Palomino” with Cody, I was ALL for it.

The result? Fantastic, of course.

Also, I have a Palomino horse. You can put reins on her. But still…

Songs like this make my heart happy.

It’s also national “I Love Horses Day” so it’s even more perfect.

Lainey Wilson Interview!


I’ve been a fan of Lainey Wilson since I first heard “Things a Man Oughta Know” on the radio, and I’ve always wanted to chat with her. This week, I finally got the chance!!! (I’m a little excited)

AND her new single “Heart Like a Truck” is fantastic, and I’m calling it now… future #1!



I’m just fangirling over here.

New Song of the Week: 5-21-22

Lainey Wilson is quickly becoming one of my favorite female artists in Country music.  Her voice is absolutely perfect for the genre, and is totally unique- you know who it is as soon as you hear her.  She already has a couple of #1 hits on her hands with her debut single “Things a Man Ought to Know” and her collab with Cole Swindell “Never Say Never”, and I’m pretty sure “Heart Like a Truck” will be her third.

I mean, we can all releate, right? Love the horse themed music video, too. Although I wondered why she finally rode the horse in a soaking wet round pen at night, but that’s neither here nor there (same goes with how they were introducing the saddle pad… ) but that’s just my horse girl self…


Anyhow, I love me some Lainey Wilson and I’m so happy Country music has her!


Callista Clark Interview


Callista Clark is one of the biggest new voices on the Country music scene! She went viral on YouTube at 13 with her cover of Creedence’s “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” and it’s been onward and upward ever since.  At eighteen, she already has a hit on her hands with “It’s Cause I Am”, and now she’s got a hot new single called “Gave It Back Broken” and all I can say is, girl can SING!

Check out the interview here:

Here’s her new single “Gave it Back Broken”:


AND for kicks… the viral YouTube Video that made her famous!


Amazing, right?

Yeah, expect to see this young woman a LOT in the future.



New Song of the Week: 4-15-22

Morgan Wallen, as promised, dropped his new sing;e “Don’t Think Jesus” earlier today, and of course, it’s a banger.

It obviously reflects his own life, recent events, public scorn and judgement… and it’s just one heck of a great Country song.

Guess what? We ALL screw up.  Most of us are just lucky enough to not have it in the public eye. I love how this song addresses that. It’s very human and relateable, which of course, it what Country music SHOULD be.

Definitely adding this one to the playlist.

Jason Michael Carroll Interview

One of my favorite Country artists of the mid-2000’s was Jason Michael Carroll. He had some big radio hits with “Alyssa Lies”, “I Can Sleep When I’m Dead” and “Living Our Love Song” which I loved.  Well, Jason is back with a great new single called “Tell Me Your Name” (Diane’s Song” and he was nice enough to call in and chat about it.

Here’s the new single “Tell Me Your Name”


Make sure you follow Jason @jasonmichaelcarroll on social media for updates!


New Song of the Week: 2-24-22

Morgan Wallen keeps on comin’ with the big hits. His album “Dangerous” was the #1 selling album of 2021 despite being “cancelled” (over 3 million copies sold, which is a massive number, especially these days) and it keeps spawning hit after hit.


His latest radio release is another surefire #1.  “Wasted on You” is a well-written heartbreak song that anyone who has ever drowned their heartbreak in Jack Daniels can relate to.  What I like about Morgan’s music is that he bridges old and new Country and puts out songs that almost every Country fan can approve of.

That’s really hard to do.



New Song of the Week: 2-12-22

I love a good cover song, and up-and-coming Country singer Morgan Wade did a pretty bang-up job on the Elvis Presley classic “Suspicious Minds”.  Her smoke tinged-vocals add something new to the Country scene right now, and Lord knows, the genre needs more badass women on the radio, so I’m here for it! Morgan Wade is like a shot of whiskey in your sweet tea. Drink it up!




ERNEST Interview


So, “Flower Shops” by ERNEST and Morgan Wallen is one of my favorite new songs of the year (perhaps my #1 fave so far) so I really wanted to have a chat with ERNEST (all caps, because why not?) and talk about everything from music to parenthood to “Yellowstone”!

Check out the interview here.


And if you want to DL “Flower Shops” here ya go!