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the great american bar scene

Zach Bryan and John Mayer “Better Days”

In case you missed it this past 4th of July, Zach Bryan- one of the hottest Country artists on the scene right now- dropped a new album “The Great American Bar Scene”, and there are some predictably great songs on there.

One that is getting a lot of attention is the collab with John Mayer called “Better Days”, and the behind-the-scenes video just came out a few minutes ago.

Talk about combining some great songwriting!

Pretty damn good, right?

Here’s the full lyrics:

Don’t get angry, listen to the sounds
Them good times will find their way back around
And I’ve got the answers, go on and touch my skin
Them better days always come back again

[Verse 2: Zach Bryan & John Mayer, Zach Bryan]
This life’s a boat, boy, it all comes in waves
On the radio, her laughter and sweet mistakes
And I wasn’t loved well as a younger child
So I’ll pray these better, unstable days, they stay awhile

[Chorus: Zach Bryan & John Mayer, Zach Bryan]
So don’t get hateful, Lord, hot damn
There’s a fire burnin’ in the back forty
I’m still findin’ out who the hell I am
And I’m so tired of wastin’ it away
Gonna find the time to realize
I’m in deep on better days

[Verse 3: Zach Bryan & John Mayer]
She always told me there’d be times like this
With a blue guitar, a city bar and a streetlight kiss
But I’ve never known quite what I deserve
You try so hard and wind up gettin’ burned


Solid stuff right there…

Zach Bryan makes emo Country that I want to drink beer and reminisce to.

“The Great American Bar Scene” is out now, and Zach is tearing up the road right now on his “Quittin’ Time” tour, and you can get those dates at https://www.zachbryan.com/tour