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Neon Union Live Performance!


So, today at the station, a hot new Country duo called Neon Union stopped by to play us a few songs at the Silversound Guitar Studio and they were incredible!

Plus, some of the nicest guys you could ever hope to meet.

Here’s a few of their songs:


“Bout Damn Time”

“This Side of the Dirt”

“Made in Mexico”


Aren’t they freaking good?  They’re just getting started, too.


Thank you Jab Entertainment for bringing them to us today.   This was a total treat.


And yes, my baby Brandon was trying to perform harmonies in the background.  Some moms take their babies to daycare. I take mine to artist showcases.  Brandon’s not mad at it.

Hannah Ellis Interview

The first time I heard “Country Can” on the radio, I immediately had to look up the artist Hannah Ellis and track her down!  Luckily, I was able to catch a few minutes with her and she is just as cool as her song!

Isn’t she fun?  I especially love her story about being on “The Voice”- it just proves that if you really, really want something to happen, you have to chase it down, and not take NO as an answer.

Check out “Country Can” – it’s definitely one of my favorite new Country songs this year!

I can’t wait to see what happens for Hannah in the future. Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be awesome.

Luke Bryan “Prayin’ in a Deer Stand”

I’ll be completey honest- not a big fan of most of Luke Bryan’s music.

Luke Bryan himself? Nicest guy ever. Seriously an awesome guy.  But his “Long tan legs, get in the back of my truck, drink from my cup” brand of Country never really gelled with me.  (I mean, what about all the women with short, pale legs? Where’s the love for them?)

Well, he just dropped a song that- due to the title- I had to check out.

My husband is an avid hunter, and he’s said many times that he finds God when hunting.  Hunting isn’t something that I don’t partake in personally, but I do understand and support hunting, and can make a mean venison stew.

It’s funny, when I told my husband this morning about this song, he said “Bet he’s got a girl with long tan legs in cutoff jeans up in that deer stand”, but then I played it for him, and he had to admit that it’s a good song, and that he definitely relates to it.

That’s what Country music is, after all.  Or what it should be, at least.


I hope Luke keeps putting out more songs like this!


Boomtown Saints “All Trucks Go to Heaven”

Aaaaaahhhh! I am SO excited for these guys!!!!!

Boomtown Saints- Chris Ramos and Ben Chism- are the nicest ever, and their new single “All Trucks Go to Heaven” is taking off in Nashville. As it SHOULD!!! It’s perfect.

I’m so proud of these guys.

We also got to catch up this week- check the interview to find out more about Boomtown Saints!

I am so, so happy for Ben and Chris, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

Watch out, Nashville!!!

New Song of the Week: 6-21-21

I’m quickly becoming a fan of Gabby Barrett.

At first I thought, “Oh, yay, another Idol contestant. Ok…” But she is quickly earning her spot in Nashville and on both Country and Top 40 radio. Her first hit single “I Hope” was a crossover smash, but I have to say, I like her new single “Footprints on the Moon” even better.

Since the song is just getting released, there’s no music video yet- just a live performance video.  Call me cheesy, (because I totally am) but I love songs that motivate, and this one totally does.  I can see it being a sports anthem or something like that. Being a woman who has had to prove herself time and time again, and have done things I was always told I couldn’t do, I definitely relate to this song.

Heck, these days, we can all use some motivation, right?