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Lainey Wilson “Out of Oklahoma”

Happy First Day of Summer!

Let’s celebrate with new music from Lainey Wilson, shall we?

Lainey has a new song that she wrote for the upcoming “Twisters” movie soundtrack called “Out of Oklahoma”, and I think it’s one of her best yet:


Lainey’s vocals, style, and writing are perfect modern Country, and I am definitely adding this one to my personal playlist.

“Out of Oklahoma” will be featured along with tracks by Luke Combs, Shania Twain, Miranda Lambert, Red Clay Strays and more on the “Twisters” movie soundtrack with comes out the same day as the movie on July 19th.

The soundtrack alone will be worth seeing the movie for!

Luke Combs “Huntin’ By Yourself”

Happy Father’s Day!

Luke Combs has you covered on your soundtrack.

This past Friday, Luke released an album full of “Dad Songs” called “Fathers and Sons”, and, like everything else Luke Combs outs out, it’s absolutely spot on.

Great writing, great vocals, and all the fatherly emotions.

One of my favorites is “Huntin’ By Yourself” whoch makes me think of my husband, who is an avid hunter, as was his father:

Aaaahhhh… all the Dad feels right there.

Here’s another good one from the album. Well, they’re ALL good, but this is another standout for me- it’s called “Plant a Seed”:

Luke Combs never misses.

His new album inspired by fatherhood, “Fathers and Sons” is out now, and you can get more info, tour dates, and more at http://Lukecombs.com


Jelly Roll “I Am Not Okay”

Calling it right now: This is Jelly’s Roll’s future fifth #1 Country Hit.

Jelly is currently #1 on the Hot Country chart with “Halfway to Hell”, and has just released his follow-up “I Am Not Okay”.

He debuted it during “The Voice” finale on NBC a few weeks ago, and his fans begged him to release it, so here it is!

Powerful stuff right there.

Like so many of Jelly Roll’s songs, it resonates with so many.

It’s a reminder that we ALL go through stuff, and it’s ok to not be ok.

You’re not alone.

Jelly Roll is on a MAJOR roll this year, and he’s just gonna keep it up from the looks of things.

Check out tour dates and more at http://jellyroll615.com

Post Malone and Blake Shelton Debut New Song at CMA Fest!

CMA Fest is about to wrap up in Nashville today.

If you’ve never been, it’s an insane four days in downtown where all of Country’s biggest acts, as well as upcoming acts perform. And Nashville is already packed enough, so add thousands of Country music fans, and the place goes banannas.

Some cool surprises came out of this weekend, including Post Malone and Blake Shelton performing their new collab for the first time called “Somebody Pour Me a Drink”:


@countrytown_au #cmafest #postmalone #blakeshelton ♬ original sound – Countrytown

Here’s a clip of part of the song that’s on youtube:

That’s basically just a part of the song played over and over,  in case you thought it was a bit repetitive.

I always end up having to explain the obvious to people, so I thought I’d just get that out of the way.

Anyhow, it sounds fun, cathcy, and definitely a party song.

I mean, it’s Blake Shelton and Post Malone… what did you expect?

But you have to admit it’s the perfect Summer party song.

Honestly, I’m really looking forward to seeing what else Post Malone has up his sleeve with his upcoming Country project!

And to get you ready, here’s Post Malone covering George Strait at CMA Fest this weekend:

@cheycheygzz him + country music just mesh so well together #cmafest #cma #nashville #postmalone #tennessee #georgestrait #fyp ♬ original sound – ☆ cheyenne ☆

You know this project is going to be insane, right?

Lainey Wilson and Miranda Lambert Slay the Stage in Nashville!

This weekend in Nashville, Lainey Wilson played a double-header at Ascend Amphitheater, and brought out Miranda Lambert for a couple of songs!

First off, they traded vocals on Miranda’s first big single “Kerosense”:


@Lainey Wilson and @Miranda Lambert performed their forthcoming new duet, GoodHorses, during the second of two sold-out Nashville concerts on Wilson’s #CountrysCoolAgain tour! #LaineyWilson #MirandaLambert #CountryMusic #Nashville #CountrysCoolAgainTour ????: @Edward James

♬ original sound – Music Mayhem

Well, hot damn!

And then they did their forthcoming duet “Good Horses”, which I absolutely CANNOT wait for the studio version:


@Lainey Wilson and @Miranda Lambert performed their forthcoming new duet, GoodHorses, during the second of two sold-out Nashville concerts on Wilson’s #CountrysCoolAgain tour! #LaineyWilson #MirandaLambert #CountryMusic #Nashville #CountrysCoolAgainTour ????: @Edward James

♬ original sound – Music Mayhem

Seriously, is there a better combo than Lainey and Miranda?

I’ll wait.

Both artists have new music coming out- Miranda is currently working on her new project with her new label Republic Records, and Lainey’s next album “Whirlwind” comes out August 23rd.

Hopefully “Good Horses” is on it!

Luke Combs “Ain’t No Love in Oklahoma”

Dammnnnn, Luke Combs!

He jus sang the brakes off of this song.

It’s called “Ain’t No Love in Oklahoma” and Luke wrote it for the upcoming  “Twisters” movie soundtrack, and it his hard:

I’ve been so used to Luke’s love songs, beer songs and now dad songs (and the endless airplay loop of his version of “Fast Car”) that it was kind of a pleasant surprise to hear some real rocker vibes on this track.

Dude has some serious pipes, and I’m so happy that this is his new radio single. I can jam to this all damn day.

“Twisters” – the sequel to the 1996 Tornado Classic will be out July 19th.


Lainey Wilson “Hang Tight Honey”

Lainey Wilson just made Monday a little sweeter…

She just dropped a new song off her upcoming album “Whirlwind”, and it’s a feisty one.

It’s called “Hang Tight Honey” and it’s exactly what I had hoped for:

Yes! I love it! Lainey Wilson is on a hot streak, and shows no signs of slowing down.

Her new album “Whirlwind” comes out August 23rd, and she has also announced her own bar “Bell Bottoms Up” which will be taking over the FGL House off of Broadway in Nashville.

You know you’re killing the Country game when you get your own bar in Nashville.

Get more info, tour dates, etc. at http://LaineyWilson.com

Carly Pearce “Fault Line”

I have to say that this is my favorite song that Carly Pearce has released in a minute.

Carly released the latest off of her upcoming 4th studio album “hummingbird”, and it’s a perfect Country heartbreak song with a little bit of sass. Totlly giving Tammy Wynette vibes with this one:

Well, if that isn’t the perfect little Country bop…

Carly’s upcoming album “hummingbird” comes out June 7th, and it’s gonna be a good one.

Get more info on Carly and her current tour with Tim McGraw at http://carlypearce.com

Lainey Wilson “Wildflowers and Wild Horses” Demo

Lainey Wlson is topping the Country charts this week with her latest single (and my favorite of hers) “Wildflowers and Wild Horses”.

But what about the demo?


Songwriter Paul Sikes posted the original demo on instagram yesterday in honor of the song going #1:


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Paul Sikes (@paul_sikes)

Oooooohhh… all the chills right there.

Thank you, Paul, Trannie Anderson, and Lainey Wilson for writing such a fantastic song. Definitely one of my favorites!

Also, Lainey is everywhere these days, and is geting her own Hulu Documentary on May 29th, and she’s opening her own bar in downtown Nashville where the FGL House used to be.

Woman is on FIRE!

Get tour dates and info at http://LaineyWilson.com

George Strait and Chris Stapleton “Honky Tonk Hall of Fame”

Oh, Happy Day!

Last night, George Strait hit the stage at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, and debuted a new song with his tourmate- the badassery that is Chris Stapleton- called “Honky Tonk Hall of Fame”.

And, of course, it’s REAL Country perfection:

This song makes me want a beer real bad.

I cannot wait to hear the actual studio recording of it! I mean, can you get better than George Strait and Chris Stapleton?


No, you can’t.

Oh, and George also announced his long-awaited studio album called “Cowboys and Dreamers” and that it will be out “soon”.

Well, soon isn’t soon enough!

In the meantime, you can catch the legend along with Chris Stapleton and Little Big Town on the road- get dates and info at https://georgestrait.com/
2024 is shaping up to be a great year for Country music!