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fathers and sons

Luke Combs “Huntin’ By Yourself”

Happy Father’s Day!

Luke Combs has you covered on your soundtrack.

This past Friday, Luke released an album full of “Dad Songs” called “Fathers and Sons”, and, like everything else Luke Combs outs out, it’s absolutely spot on.

Great writing, great vocals, and all the fatherly emotions.

One of my favorites is “Huntin’ By Yourself” whoch makes me think of my husband, who is an avid hunter, as was his father:

Aaaahhhh… all the Dad feels right there.

Here’s another good one from the album. Well, they’re ALL good, but this is another standout for me- it’s called “Plant a Seed”:

Luke Combs never misses.

His new album inspired by fatherhood, “Fathers and Sons” is out now, and you can get more info, tour dates, and more at http://Lukecombs.com


Luke Combs “The Man He Sees In Me”

I’ve been waiting on this one f0r a while.

Luke Combs has been teasing several “Dad Songs” lately, and he just released “The Man He Sees In Me” today:

Aaaaaaahhhhh! All the feels here.

Also, check out this letter to his two sons that he posted on insta:

The song, written by Luke and Josh Phillips, is just one of many “Dad Songs” on his upcoming album “Fathers and Sons”.

Get more info on Luke’s music and tour dates at http://LukeCombs.com

This song is PERFECT for Father’s Day!

Bring on the Dad Songs.