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Kelly Clarkson Covers Miranda Lambert’s “Tin Man”

Well, Kelly Clarkosn has gone and done it again.

Every weekday on her “Kelly Clarkson Show” talk show, she does a segment called “Kellyoke” where she covers another artist’s song, and turns them into her own.

This week, she did a cover of Miranda Lambert’s “Tin Man” – one of Miranda’s best in my opinon- and just completely owned it.

As per usual.

How gorgeous was that? “Tin Man” is one of those songs that no matter where you are at in life, when you hear it, it just stops you in your tracks and makes you want to cry. Truly masterful songwriting, and Kelly definitely did the vocals justice.


Here’s another fantastic cover Kelly did this week of one of Shania Twain’s biggest hits:

Just beautiful.

Can Kelly finally drop an actual Country album, please?

If Beyonce did it, then, hell, Kelly sure deserves to!

Also, I want her to cover Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters.”

Can we make that happen as well?

Catch “The Kelly Clarkson Show” weekdays on NBC.

George Strait “The Little Things”

George Strait can do no wrong in my opinion.

And he just solidified that with his new song “The Little Things”.

It just came out this morning, and it’s classic George:

What a great Country song. It sounds like something George would have released in the 90’s and would have been #1 with.

It’s also a good reminder about what life is really all about- not the big things- but the magical little things in between everything else.

Like right now, my toddler trying to pull my glasses off while I type and my Husky laying on my feet.

That’s the good stuff, right there.

George Strait’s new album “Cowboys and Dreamers” is out September 9th, and you can get info, as well as tour dates at https://georgestrait.com/

All hail the KING!

Miranda Lambert “Wranglers” Music Video

Hot damn, Miranda!

That’s all I can say.

Miranda Lambert just released the music video for her latest single “Wranglers” and it’s AWESOME!

I love when a video tells a story and adds to the song’s visual, and this video did just that:

To be fair, if I was a woman scorned, I would burn the deer heads and the turkey calls, but I’m also a different level of crazy.

Miranda is working on her new album with Republic Records, and I absolutely cannot wait for more.

Sassy Miranda is back, ya’ll!


Meghan Trainor “Whoops”

Meghan Trainor is back with a super fun new album called “Timeless” and a song off of it is getting some attention called “Whoops”.

The song is pop perfection, and anyone who has been cheated on in the past like I have can definitely appreciate the sentiment.

Meghan dropped the music video for the song today, and it’s so fun, sexy, and sassy, just like Meghan herself:

Yassss girl!

Work. It.

Meghan is still ALL about that Bass, as she should be.

Check out Meghan’s new album “Timeless” out now, and her tour dates for 2024 with Paul Russell and Natasha Bedingfield at https://www.meghan-trainor.com/

Sabrina Carpenter “Please, Please, Please”

Sabrina Carpenter is on FIRE right now!

Until recently, she enjoyed moderate Pop success, but 2024 has sent this little lady (she’s 4’11) into the stratosphere.

Her music, especially as of late, has been so fun and catchy- pure Pop perfection. I mean, “Feather” and “Espresso” have been radio staples this year, and her new song “Please, Please, Please” is sure to be another big hit:

How great is that? And the video! I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s in the thick of the music video era, so I love a good visual to go with a song, and this one is pretty damn fantastic. Her real-life boyfriend Barry Keoghan (from “Saltburn! ) plays her troublesome love interest and nails it.

I love the creative lyrics in the song- I mean, we’ve all been in relationships where the other is kind of an ass, right? One of the things that I am really liking about Sabrina is that she has smart, relatable lyrics set to catchy AF music.

I think she is just getting started…

Sabrina Carpenter’s new album “Short n’ Sweet” drops August 23rd.

More info at https://www.sabrinacarpenter.com/


Post Malone Acoustic Version of “I Had Some Help”

Post Malone is on FIRE!

His song with Morgan Wallen “I Had Some Help” is spending it’s 3rd week at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, and is quickly shaping up to be the song of the Summer.

So, how about a stripped down acoustic version of the song?

This is soooo good:


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Damn, son.

Posty is so dang talented…

I actually like this better than the studio version, as there’s no autotune or added extras to the song.

Artists like Post Malone and Morgan Wallen don’t need the help.

Post Malone is gearing up to release his first full-length Country album, and is teasing a new collab with Blake Shelton, so stay tuned…

I’m her for ALL of it!

Joan Jett/Alanis Morissette Mash-Up

You know I love a good mash-up, so let’s kick off the week with a solid from DJ Cummerbund featuring two badass women: Joan Jett and Alanis Morissette.

Behold “Hate Myself For Loving You Outgha Know”:

Pretty awesome, right?

The mash-up is in celebration of Joan Jett and Alanis Morrisettes’ “Triple Moon Tour” which kicks off next week.

Dates and info at https://alanis.com/events
Also, I still can’t get over that Dave Coulier (Uncle Joey from “Full House”) inspired “You Oughta Know”.

Who knew Uncle Joey could inspire such emotional rage?


Over Two Decades of Radio In, and Here’s What I’ve Learned So Far…

Twenty-one years ago yesterday, I started my first full-time radio job at Rock 92.3 in Jackson, TN. I was twenty years old with hardly any life experience, and all I knew was that I wanted to be a Radio DJ. Like, since I was four years old, that was always a goal of mine.  I would listen to the radio constantly, mimic the personalities- who I thought were the coolest EVER (Looking at you, Peggy Kirk at 107.7 in Henderson, TN!), and I would even make my own radio shows and interview my brother, cousins, etc. and tape them. Remember taping things on cassettes? Good times.  So, when I got the opportunity to make my childhood dream come true, obviously I took it! I was terrible, and it took a while to make myself a half-decent personality, but twenty years in, I am SO glad I took the leap of faith and I learned some pretty important lessons along the way, which hopefully can help another aspiring radio personality, or anyone in business, really.

TAKE INITIATIVE! My first actual radio job (part-time) was when I was seventeen.  I had just started my Freshman year of college, and I was majoring in Communications. Upon finding out that I would not get to do a radio internship until my SENIOR YEAR, which seemed an eternity, I decided to stop at a local group of stations on the way home from class. I walked in, and Roger Vestal and Jared Mims were in the lobby, and I asked them for a job.  They let me do overnights, and I sucked, but it was a start!  I often wonder what would have happened if I had done what Lambuth University had suggested and waited for an opportunity. Probably nothing. That job only lasted a Summer, but it got the ball rolling!

TAKE RISKS! When I accepted my job as Middays on Rock 92.3, I was an incoming Junior at Lambuth University, and I would go to class before and after work. Well, to graduate, you had to have an internship and Senior project. I figured my full-time job in radio would count? Nope. Because I was getting paid.  Even though the Lambuth interns came to the station and I had to teach them production, it didn’t count. They wanted me to intern at a competitor’s station for free. No kidding.  So, my Program Director Steve Burke (Damn, I owe him so much) sat me down and told me I would have to choose.  He said that in radio, it’s experience and talent and coachability over an overpriced piece of paper. Thankfully, my parents agreed, and I left college to pursue the career that I was going to college for.  So I have almost 4 years of college, and all I learned was how to make a press release and to do a stellar keg stand. #NoRegrets

NEVER STOP LEARNING! One thing I’ve noticed, at least in radio, is the amount of people who think they are good enough, and don’t need to learn any more.  This always baffles me.  Even in my twenties, I knew that the more I learned, the better and more valuable I would be.  And I’m still learning. The moment you stop is when you just need to hang it up.  And NEVER say “That’s not my job”.  If someone needs help, or if there is an opportunity to learn, TAKE IT!

BE NICE! You would think it would be a given, but it’s totally not. I’ve worked with some jackwagons, and it always serves to remind me how not to be. I’ve never regretted being the nice one, ever.  I think it’s because I was bullied pretty badly growing up, and I knew how that made me feel. It hurt, a lot, and I would never knowingly want to make someone feel that way.

ATTITUDE TRUMPS TALENT: Yes, you can be the most talented, funniest person alive. But if you are a dillweed, you most likely won’t get too far.

BE OPEN TO NEW IDEAS!  “That’s the way we’ve always done it” is a death knell.  What’s worked in the past doesn’t mean it will translate and be successful in the future. You have to be open to new things.  In radio, this is ever prominent.  I know so many who don’t utilize basic things like social media and it drives me bananas!  You have to be a bit bendy in life, and be open to new things and ideas.

ADMIT YOU ARE WRONG!  I’m wrong a lot, and I mess up a lot. That’s how you learn.  And own it. A simple, “I screwed up, I’m sorry” is all you have to do. Don’t let your mistakes define you, either. Learn from them, and move on.

KNOW THAT NOT EVERYONE IS GOING TO LIKE YOU!  This was a hard one for me. I’m a people pleaser by nature, and it’s one of my best and worst traits.  It’s taken me a long time to realize that no matter what I do, not everyone will like me- be it listeners, co-workers, or idiots who make ridiculous comments on the internet. It’s ok. Not everyone likes extra-crunchy peanut butter and red wine. Does that make it any less awesome? Nope.

The sooner you realize this, and are truly ok with it, the sooner you will find happiness within yourself. I’m 40 now. I know these things.

TOOT YOUR OWN DAMN HORN!  This one is major.  If you wait for someone else to praise you or promote you, it will never happen. Or it will take a damn long time to. There is nothing wrong with promoting youself and being proud of yourself.  Someone has to do it, and it might as well be you.

Those are my nuggets for today.  Hopefully I’m still in radio in the coming decades and can dispense more gems upon you.

Anyway, a HUGE Thank you to everyone who supported me, hired me, and believed in me.  And to everyone who listens to radio and keeps the dreams going. THANK YOU.

Post Malone “Never Love You Again”

Just in case you missed it, Post Malone performed at the 2024 ACM Awards last week, and debuted his new Country song “Never Love You Again” and it’s got me all kinds of excited for his upcoming Country album.

If you’ve been doubting Posty as a Country artist, just check this out:

Dannngggg son…

Poat Malone has the chops for sure, and he’s one of the Pop artists that I am TOTALLY ok with coming over to the Country side.

His yet unnamed Country album will be out later on this year.

Seriously cannot wait!


Skid Row and Lzzy Hale ROCK the Stage!

Yessss… I’ve been waiting for this!

Recently it was announced that Skid Row’s lead singer Erik Gronwall was leaving the band. They had tour dates to do, so they need a fill in, so… enter the Rock Goddess Lzzy Hale of Halestorm.

Sounds to good to be true, right?

Nope. She is legit filling in until they get a new lead singer.

Last night was her first show with the band at Walker’s Bluff Casino Resort in Carterville, Illinois, and they brought the huse down.

I’m a huge Lzzy fan, as she is just incredibly talented, and has really paved the way for more badass women in Rock.  I was really excited to see her covering all the Skid Row live, and of course, she didn’t disappoint.

I mean, it’s Lzzy Hale.

Check out her cover of “18 & Life”:


Oh, and of course, you can’t have a Skid Row concert without the power ballad “I Remember You”:

Yup. Killed it.

That is an incredibly hard song to sing, and that last vocal run is nearly impossible to nail. Sebastian Bach- the OG lead singer of Skid Row- may be a bit of a hot mess, but dude had the pipes.

If there’s anyone who can handle it, it’s definitely Lzzy.

Lzzy will be filling in for a few more dates, and you can find out more at https://loudwire.com/skid-row-setlist-video-lzzy-hale/

Can she just be the permanent replacement?