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Miranda Lambert and Enrique Iglesias “Space In My Heart”

Well, this was an unexpected collaboration, but I’m not mad at it!

Miranda Lambert (one of my favorites ever) teamed up with Pop Star Enrique Iglesias for a song called “Space in My Heart”.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but honestly, I was pleasantly surprised:

Overall, I found it very sweet, and easy to listen to. It perfectly captures that moment in a new relationship where you know it could be something special, but you don’t want to get your hopes up too much just in case.

Miranda has many more collabs coming- I know she’d been writing with Wade Bowen and Ashley Monroe this year, and I’m really hoping for a release of this song she performed with Miranda Lambert in December:

Let’s make it happen, ladies!!!!

Selena Gomez “Love On”

2024 is shaping up to be a great year already for new music!

That being said, Pop Star Selena Gomez just dropped her new track “Love On” like 2 seconds ago:

Ok, that is definitely one of my favorites of hers.

Cute, catchy Pop perfection right there!

I can see this being on TV/Movie soundtracks, commercials, etc.  I have a feeling this will be her biggest hit to date, and a Spring/Summer smash.

I’m calling it right now.

What do you think of Selena Gomez’s new song?

Kelly Clarkson “Save Me”

Ok, I admit it. I am living for “Kellyoke” these days.

Seriously, I love seeing Kelly Clarkson’s take on different songs, and she hasn’t failed us yet.

Her latest effort? Covering the Jelly Roll hit “Save Me”.

I have a thousand and three chill bumps after this.

I mean, damn, how good is that?

And Jelly Roll, naturally, was extremely impressed as well, as he expressed on his socials:

Having Kelly cover your song on her show has to be a double-edged sword, though.

It’s great that she deemed a song great enough to cover, sure, but she’ll also sing it better than anyone else ever could.

Girlfriend sets the bar HIGH.


What song would you like to see Kelly Clarkson cover?

Pearl Jam “Dark Matter”

We knew we were getting new Pearl Jam soon, and lead singer Eddie Vedder said to expect a “harder” sound on this record, which, I was prety pumped for.

Well… got a pleasant surprise this morning when they dropped the title track of their 12th studio album “Dark Matter”, and it kills.

Damn. That’s good.

It’s reminds me of the early Pearl Jam days, which is not a bad thing.

Now, honestly, I’ve not always been the biggest Pearl Jam fan- I like some of their songs, but I don’t worship at the altar of Eddie Vedder like some of my friends do, but I appreciate them as a band, and this new single is really badass.

Rock isn’t dead.

Sorry Gene Simmons.

Pearl Jam’s new album “Dark Matter” drops April 19th, and you can find out more at http://pearljam.com

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani “Purple Irisis”

Ok, first off, I love Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani together. I’m a big fan of the whole “Opposites Attract” thing, as my husband and I are definitely opposites in so many ways, but after almost 17 years of marriage, I think it’s working out pretty well.

There’s been a lot of tabloid rumors about Blake and Gwen being on the rocks, and I’m thinking the release of their new duet “Purple Irisis” is their “Piss Off” song.

Ok, I am really, really loving that.

Their last couple of collabs were definitely Country, but this is more Pop, with Gwen’s unmistakeable sound, with kind of a No Doubt vibe to it.

I love that it references aging, and still thinking someone is hot, even into their forties and fifties.  Again, kind of living that life right now, as I just turned 41, and it’s not 2006 anymore. My neck is proof of that.

Also, the “purple irisis” reference is to Gwen’s love of gardening, which she does a lot of on Blake’s Oklahoma ranch.

Maybe, haters, just maybe they’re actually happy?

I mean, I get it. Gavin Rossdale is hot and all, but Blake knows how to gut a deer and drive a tractor.

He wins.

Kacey Musgraves “Deeper Well”

I’ve been waiting on this for a minute.

Kacey Musgraves- one of my favorites- just put out a new song, and it’s soooo good.

It’s called “Deeper Well” and it just dropped an hour ago.

It’s pretty, haunting, and is basically an update on Kacey’s life lately.

Apparently, she doesn’t wake and bake anymore. That’s probably a good call.

Ok, the video, as per usual with Kacey is a bit acid-trippy, but I really like the song, and the fact that she is returning to her Country roots (Yay!).

What I find interesting is that Country legend Emmylou Harris also has a song called “Deeper Well”, and I’ve always felt like Kacey is a modern-day EmmyLou.  Am I wrong here?

Kacey also announced her new album by the same name (“Deeper Well”) and it will be out March 15th, so we don’t have to wait long!

More info on the album and what’s going on in Kacey’s world at http://kaceymusgraves.com

Terry Fator “We Are the World” Puppet Tribute

Terry Fator- in case you weren’t aware- is a ventriloquist, comedian and singer who has won “America’s Got Talent” and has his own Las Vegas show.  The man is crazy talented in so many ways, and he just did a Puppet Tribute to “We Are the World” that left me speechless. That, my friend, is hard to do.

Check this awesomeness out:

I wasn’t sure wha to expect, but that exceeded any and all expectations that I had going in.

I’m a HUGE fan of “We Are the World”, and when I saw this pop up on my YouTube watch list, curiosity got the best of me, and I’m so glad that it did!

Find out more about Terry Fator and what he does at http://TerryFator.com

Also, I highly suggest you check out the We Are the World documentary “The Greatest Night in Pop” on Netflix now!

Lainey Wilson Performing “I’m Just Ken” at Grammy Pre-Party!

Lainey Wilson had a pretty great weekend, which included winning her first Grammy for Country Album of the Year for “Bell Bottom Country”, and getting to take the stage at the exclusive Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala. No big, right?

Seriously, I am so happy for all of Lainey’s success, and she seems like a super fun, down-to-Earth person who would be awesome to party with.

This is exepmlified by her performace of “I’m Just Ken” from the “Barbie” movie soundtrack at the Clive Davis party:

@billboard More than #Kenough ???? @Lainey Wilson performed “I’m Just Ken” with #MarkRonson & #AndrewWyatt at the Clive Davis Pre-#Grammys Gala. #livemusic #laineywilson #ryangosling #barbie #barbiethealbum ♬ original sound – billboard

Here’s another view:

@itstetrisbish Wow! @Lainey Wilson performer “I’m Just Ken” at Clive Davis’ Grammy Party! #laineywilson #barbie #imjustken #clivedavis #grammys ♬ original sound – TETRIS

Isn’t she just the best?

Honestly, I think I like that version better than the original.

Maybe that should be on her next album?

Lainey’s got a super busy year ahead of her, including a lot of tour dates- check ’em out at http://laineywilson.com

Bro Country Be Like…

One of my favorite YouTube Channels “There I Ruined It” just released another gem this weekend.

It’s called “What Bro Country Sounds Like to People Who Don’t Like Bro Country”, and it is absolutely spot on!

Ok, now I actually like some of the “Bro Country”- I said “some”- and it still sounds like that to me.

I grew up in the Country, so the beer/truck/buck/cut off jeans thing resonates with me, because that’s an actual thing. But for about a decade, that’s all Country music was. I was a Program Director at a Hot Country station a few years back, and the Bro-Country was a bit extreme. I really felt sorry for all the girls who had short, pale legs, because they never got any love in Country songs.

At least Country Music is kind of getting away from that trend. I mean, Florida-Georgia Line is no more, so that’s half of the Bro-Country genre right there.

And again, I don’t hate all of it, as I do relate to it. Hate on me all you want for that statement, I don’t care. I have spent many a nights at a field party drinking beer while wearing cutoff jeans. No regrets.

S/O to “There I Ruined It” for another entertaining video! Check out their channel https://www.youtube.com/@ThereIRuinedIt

Jusin Moore “This Is My Dirt”


Country singee Justin Moore just dropped a new single called “This is My Dirt”, and of course, I had to take a listen.

Holy macaroni, did it hit home for me.

Growing up on a farm in West TN, that I hope to one day return to and pass down to my son, this really resonates with me, and I’m sure it will for many who live in the rural areas who own land. It’s a special thing that money can’t really buy.

My dirt is covered in kudzoo, and strawberry flies take it over in the Summer, but dammit, it’s still mine.

They don’t make dirt anymore.

Kudos to Justin Moore for putting another great Country song out there!

I smell another #1 Country Radio hit, what do you think?