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Bebe Rexha feat. Dolly Parton “Seasons”

Bebe Rexha just released her new album “Bebe” today, and it features a collaboration with the iconic Dolly Parton (who seems to be working with EVERYONE except Mick Jagger these days…), and you know what? It’s pretty good!

Check out “Seasons” below:

I really enjoyed that! I’m so used to Bebe’s over-produced pop songs which dominate Top 40 radio, so it was nice to hear a different side and really get to appreciate her vocals. They blend perfectly with Dolly’s legendary voice.

Also, that’s a lot of blonde and boobs in the video.

I don’t think anyone is mad at it.

Again, Bebe’s new album is out today, and I hope she puts out more songs like this!


Pink and Chris Stapleton “Just Say I’m Sorry”

Pink just dropped her new album “Trustfall” today, and I’ve been waiting for this collab since I was made aware of it a few weeks ago.  Pink has teamed up once again with Chris Stapleton for a song called “Just Say I’m Sorry”, and damn… their voices just go so well together.

It’s such a simple, pretty song with a great message.  So often in relationships we feel like being right is more important than anything, and for some reason, apologizing and realizing our mistakes and the effect they have on others is really, really hard.

That being said, being able to overcome that and genuinely apologize and fix whats wrong has been what has kept my marriage of almost 16 years going smoothly. We can both apologize, and that’s so incredibly important.

Anyhow, back to the song, if you put Chris Stapleton on anything, it will be amazing.  It’s just a scientific fact at this point.

I have also heard that he and Miranda Lambert and George Strait are planning collabs as well.  The sonic universe is looking out for us!