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Rolling Stones Feat. Lady Gaga and Stevie Wonder “Sweet Sounds of Heaven”

I have been waiting on this drop for weeks since I heard it was going to happen.

The Rolling Stones have teamed up with Lady Gaga and Stevie Wonder for a song called “Sweet Sounds of Heaven” and it’ll take you to church whether you’re a believer or not!

Duddddeee… I was NOT expecting that. But I like it. A lot.

Mick sounds great, as does Gaga (always!) and Stevie tickling the ivories… definitely adding this one to the playlist!

Of course, “Sweet Sounds of Heaven” is off their upcoming album “Hackney Diamonds” out October 20th.

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited for more.

Rolling Stones for Life!

Worst Classic Rock Covers EVER

UltimateClassicRock.com just out out a list of the “Worst Classic Rock Covers” and some of these are pretty spot on.

Here’s the list in no particular order:


1.  “Dancing in the Street”,  Mick Jagger and David Bowie


2.  “Purple Haze”,  The Cure



3.  “Fortunate Son”,  U2



4.  “What’s Going On”,  Cyndi Lauper


5.  “Big Yellow Taxi”, Counting Crows


6.  “Faith”, Limp Bizkit


7.  “Behind Blue Eyes”,  Limp Bizkit

Ok, real talk. I actually liked that version. Feel free to hate me.


8.  “American Pie”,  Madonna

9.  “My Generation”,  Hilary Duff

10.  “Imagine”,  Avril Lavigne



One that is missing… remember when Mariah Carey covered Def Leppard’s “Bringin’ On the Heartbreak”? Whhyyyyy???

Oh, and can I put an unpopular opinion out there?

Britney covering The Rolling Stones “Satisfaction” gave me LIFEEEE when I was in college.

Whatever. You loved it, too.

Check out the full article at https://ultimateclassicrock.com/terrible-classic-rock-covers/

Axl Rose and Carrie Underwood Rocking Out!

I’m really envious of Carrie Underwood.

Not just those pipes and those legs, but getting to perform with Axl Rose (One of my Rock Idols) several times recently? I mean, DAMN, girl.


I love that Carrie has this side of her. I always wrote her off as a prissy girly-girl, but damn can she rock.  Turns out she’s a big fan of Classic Rock and metal, and she can certainly deliver the goods.

It’s really cool to see the “other” side of Carrie.  This combined with her love of fitness and red wine, well, hot damn, maybe we can be friends after all!  She’s been gaining some serious cool points with me lately.


Oooohhhh… maybe a Rock album is in her future?

I would support the fire out of that.


Are These Journey’s Best Songs?

Billboard just released their list of the Top 10 Journey songs ever.

It goes as follows:

9  “Escape” (Escape, 1981)

8  “Of a Lifetime” (Journey, 1975)

7  “Faithfully” (Frontiers, 1983)

6  “Ask the Lonely” (single, 1983)

5  “Who’s Crying Now” (Escape, 1981)

4  “Feeling That Way” (Infinity, 1978)

3  “Just the Same Way” (Evolution, 1979)

2  “Don’t Stop Believin'” (Escape, 1981)

1  “Stone in Love” (Escape, 1981)

Full article here: 

I’m a big Journey fan, and being so, I must disagree.

Where’s “Separate Ways”? Or “Lights”? “Wheel in the Sky”?  “Lovin, Touchin’, Squeezin'”?  Or their biggest seller “Open Arms”?

Billboard, put down the crack pipe and add those babies in!


Here’s my Top Ten:

10: “Feeling That Way”

9:  “Wheel in the Sky”

8: “Open Arms”

7: “Lovin’, Touchin’ Squeezin'”

6: “Anyway You Want It”

5: “Lights”

4: “Separate Ways”

3: “Stone in Love”

2: “Don’t Stop Believing”

1: “Faithfully”

Of course, these are just my personal choices, as I’m sure the Billboard article is based on the same thing.

What are your Top 10 Journey songs?