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pop music

New Song of the Week: 5-28-22

I freaking LOVE Ava Max! Every song she’s released has been fun, catchy, and well-written (for a high energy pop song!) and her latest single “Maybe You’re the Problem” does not dissapoint.


Seriously, how fun is this?

And I love the subject.  I mean, what woman hasn’t been in a toxic releationship where the guy made it like SHE was the crazy one when it was actually them.  I know I’ve been there. I made bad releationship choices in my late teens/early twenties.  Thankfully I found a great one- but this song reminds me of some of the losers I’ve dated in the past.  Good times.

Ladies, sometimes it’s totally them, not you. Remember that!



New Song of the Week: 6-21-21

I’m quickly becoming a fan of Gabby Barrett.

At first I thought, “Oh, yay, another Idol contestant. Ok…” But she is quickly earning her spot in Nashville and on both Country and Top 40 radio. Her first hit single “I Hope” was a crossover smash, but I have to say, I like her new single “Footprints on the Moon” even better.

Since the song is just getting released, there’s no music video yet- just a live performance video.  Call me cheesy, (because I totally am) but I love songs that motivate, and this one totally does.  I can see it being a sports anthem or something like that. Being a woman who has had to prove herself time and time again, and have done things I was always told I couldn’t do, I definitely relate to this song.

Heck, these days, we can all use some motivation, right?