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New Song of the Week: 6-4-22

I met Lauv a few years back in Nashville when he had a hit song with “I Like Me Better” on Top 40 radio, and he is back in a big way with his new single “All For Nothing”. It’s a perfect Summer vibe, and definitely one I’ll have on my horseback riding playlist. Yes, I have a playlist for when I ride. I stick my phone in my sportsbra and jam out on my horse- she loves it!

I almost didn’t want to like the song because the title is mispelled (One of my big pet peeves, but I’m lame like that) but the overall feel of the song makes up for it!

I’m really excited about this new single, and I think it will be one of the big ones for the Summer.

Also, Lauv is super cool even though he doesn’t like bacon.  Check out my interview with him from a few years ago.

New Song of the Week 4-27-21

Ok, so I was already a fan of The Weeknd’s “Save Your Tears”- which, by the way, is #1 this week on the Top 40 charts. (What can I say, I can call them!)

So, when I hear that Ariana Grande was going to be on the remix, I was ALL about it, and am not disappointed at all.  Ariana Grande has one of the most pure, incredible voices, and it totally works with this song.  I’m going to be honest, her last few songs she’s out out haven’t appealed to me as she doesn’t enunciate her words when she’s singing, and I know that’s trendy and all, but I prefer to not have to google every lyric.  Mariah Carey did the same thing later in her career, and it’s a shame, as these women have such spectacular voices and they get get lost in the jumble of lyrics.  Anyway, I was really happy to hear Ari use her vocal skills and it meshes perfectly with The Weeknd’s voice and hit song.

Yeah, the video is weird.  But it’s The Weeknd, so…

I’m just adding this to my horseback riding playlist, as the beats go well with a trot.

Now I’m the weird one.