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Boy George Interview!

Being a child of the 80’s and growing up in the MTV era – you know, back when they had music videos? Good times- I was more than happy to chat with the iconic Boy George of Culture Club this week!

Check the interview here:

How much fun is he?  I just adore him even more now.
Boy George with Culture Club, Howard Jones and Berlin are hitting the road this Summer, and you can catch them in KC at the Starlight Theater on August 8th!
Info/tickets at 949kcmo.com
Boy Freaking George, ya’ll!

Queen “Face It Alone”

I’ve been waiting for this for awhile… and it’s here!

Brian May (iconic guitarist of Queen for those not well-informed on such matters) announced earlier this year that Queen would be putting out a new album with the late Freddie Mercury’s vocals.  Engineers spliced some stuff from recording sessions in the late 80’s to make it happen, and you know what? It’s pretty flipping spectcular.

Freddies vocals still give me the chills, and Brian May’s guitar solo is on fire, as per usual.

Can you totally see this song on a movie soundtrack? Like a Bond movie or something. That’s the vibe I’m getting.

Any more recordings that can be spliced together, guys? I may need more of this.