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Singers Falling Down the Stairs

One of my favorite YouTube Channels is “There I Ruined It”, and they just released another masterpiece called “Singers Falling Down the Stairs”.

This gave me a good chuckle this morning:

Hilarious, right????

I especially love the Tom Petty and James Hetfield.

Check out https://www.youtube.com/@ThereIRuinedIt and subscribe- I absolutely love their content!


Afroman “Hunter Got High”

I. Am. Dying.

Look, I try not to get too political, because honestly, what’s the point?

The whole system is messed up on both sides. So, it’s hard for me to get involved knowing there is real no right answer.

But there is something that I think EVERYONE can agree on: Hunter Biden is a complete hot mess express.

So much so that Afroman made a parody of his own hit song “Because I Got High” and turned it into the best song of the year so far.

Ladies and gentlemen… I present to you “Hunter Got High”!

Absolutely glorious, and already my week has been made, and it’s only Monday.

On a side note, I once went to an Afroman concert at Rick’s in Starkville, MS when I was in college.

I didn’t get high.

Missed opportunity, for sure.

Chris Stapleton “Wings It and Sings It” on Jimmy Kimmel Live


Chris Stapleton can sing anything, and he proved it on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” during a segment called “Wing It and Sing It” where he had to perform a song sight unseen until the lyrics were presented to him.

The result?

Absolutely Hilarious!

I really think Chris needs to cut that as his next single.

I laughed way to damn hard at this!

Again, thank you, Baby Jesus, for Chris Stapleton.

Bro Country Be Like…

One of my favorite YouTube Channels “There I Ruined It” just released another gem this weekend.

It’s called “What Bro Country Sounds Like to People Who Don’t Like Bro Country”, and it is absolutely spot on!

Ok, now I actually like some of the “Bro Country”- I said “some”- and it still sounds like that to me.

I grew up in the Country, so the beer/truck/buck/cut off jeans thing resonates with me, because that’s an actual thing. But for about a decade, that’s all Country music was. I was a Program Director at a Hot Country station a few years back, and the Bro-Country was a bit extreme. I really felt sorry for all the girls who had short, pale legs, because they never got any love in Country songs.

At least Country Music is kind of getting away from that trend. I mean, Florida-Georgia Line is no more, so that’s half of the Bro-Country genre right there.

And again, I don’t hate all of it, as I do relate to it. Hate on me all you want for that statement, I don’t care. I have spent many a nights at a field party drinking beer while wearing cutoff jeans. No regrets.

S/O to “There I Ruined It” for another entertaining video! Check out their channel https://www.youtube.com/@ThereIRuinedIt

LeAnne Morgan Interview!

If you’re a woman on Facebook, chances are, you’ve seen at least five LeAnn Morgan shorts on your feed. As a mother, and hailing from The South, I totally fell in love with LeAnne’s version of comedy, and her deadpan delivery. So, when I found out I was going to get to interview her, I was pretty darn tickled. (Oops! My Tennessee is showing!)

Check out the interview below:

Isn’t she “darling” as she would say?

Omg. I love her. And she has a massive comedy tour happening, and is selling out dates nationwide.

More info at http://leannemorgan.com



Hot Country Knights Feat. Lainey Wilson “Herassmeant”

Ok, so a couple of days ago, I heard that Hot Country Knights (Dierks Bentley’s 90’s Cover Band) collabed with my girl Lainey Wilson, and I was on high alert until this dropped this morning.

Lainey (aka Darla McFarland) and Dierks crushed this song called “Herassmeant”, and let’s be real, Lainey is perfect for it, as she’s got the voice AND the ass for it!

If you didn’t find this funny, well, I’m sorry about your life.

Also, I need Dierks’s shirt.


I’m The Worst Parent EVER

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to take pictures and videos of my adorable family.  And for some reason, a lot of the videos end up on National sites like “Good Morning America”, “People”, and others.  I’m not sure why that is, but I’m not complaining. I’m very proud of my baby and animals, and am happy that other people seem to enjoy their antics.

Well, over the holidays, I was visiting my family in Tennessee, and I was having coffee on the couch with my “Cash” while my then 14-month old son Brandon was rolling around in his Joovy Walker.  He was rolling it into the couch trying to get Cash’s attention, and Cash was totally ignoring him. I started filming it on my phone to send to my husband, who was out hunting at the time.  During the time I was filming, Brandon tugged on Cash’s tail a little bit, and Cash’s reaction – to me at least- was hilarious.  So, I posted it on TikTok, and it went viral.  And then it was posted on “Good Morning America” this past weekend, and the comments are INSANE.

Check out the video link below.

Ok, so I do feel the need to defend myself here.

#1: My dog has never shown a thread of viciousness, or else I would never, EVER let him near Brandon. Ever.

#2: They are NEVER together unsupervised.

#3: Um… that wasn’t exactly a tail pull. Come on, people.

#4: ANIMAL ABUSE??? Are you freaking kidding me?

#5: This was the ONLY time Brandon tugged on his tail.  You would think the way people are acting that he was doing this on the regular.


I’ve been online since the dawn of social media. I have seen plenty of things I don’t like or agree with, but for some reason, I never feel triggered to comment.  I guess I have a life, and I don’t have a terrible soul that gets off on putting other people down on a public forum. Thats not a bad thing.

I feel like when people act like that, it says way more about them than it does me.  And yes, I know I do ask for it, being that I am in a public business and post videos that may go viral, but still… I feel like in this case I should be able to throw an explanation in there, as the entire population of Karens seem to be coming at me.

More than anything, I just want to remind people that there is ALWAYS  a backstory, and so please think about that before you slam someone online.


And if you do feel the need to be that way, please learn to spell and punctuate correctly, or your comment will be deemed invalid.

Be nice, people!

It’s not that hard.