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artificial intelligence

The Beach Boys Sing “99 Problems” by Jay-Z

Well, the YouTube creator “There, I Ruined It” went and done it again…

I mean, who the heck would combine The Beach Boys and Jay-Z?

But somehow it works, and I can’t get this out of my head.

Behold: The Beach Boys covering Jay-Z’s “99 Problems”… thanks to AI, of course:

I had to watch this 5 times in a row, and I’m still not over it. I will now be singing this all damn night.

Thank you to one of my followers Tony L Page Jr. for alerting me to this!!!!

Oh, and for more beautiful ridiculousness, check out https://www.youtube.com/@ThereIRuinedIt

Elvis Singing “Baby Got Back”

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is awesome and terrifying at the same time.

One of the awesome parts is things like this: An Elvis version of “Baby Got Back”.

Simply Glorious.

(Courtesy of “There I Ruined It” on Youtube)

I’m not sure why I laughed so hard at this, but I’m sure it speaks to my complete lack of maturity.

If AI can just be used for things like this, and not take my job, we can be friends.